October in review ~ part 1

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 |
We had a very busy month and slowing by surly, I will get it all posted. I guess the best way is just to go backwards in events.
One of our favorite traditions on Halloween is stew in a pumpkin. I've been making this since my son was a baby and he is now in college.
Not only is it delicious, but the presentation is beautiful!
The stew bakes in the pumpkin for an hour and a half. This cooks the inside of the pumpkin so that it is tender and easy to scoop when you serve the stew. It's wonderful!
(the pictures are out of order, sorry)

For dessert I served pumpkin cobbler.
Not only was this wicked easy to make, it was incredibly good. I think I like it even better than pumpkin pie and will be serving it for Thanksgiving this year.

I tried to get a shot of our home but I'm not all that comfortable with our new camera just yet.
Hopefully the class I'm taking will help with that.
In the meantime, squint hard and adjust your head a few times until you envision a lovely entry way! : )

And lastly, our bulldog, Bozely!
Each time he heard the doorbell,
he would charge for the door and prance around
the foyer until we got there to open the door.
I'm not sure who was more excited ~
the trick or treaters getting candy, or Bozely who thought they had come just to see him!

By the end of the evening my arm was so sore from holding him back.
Hope your Halloween was just as enjoyable!

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Coco said...

I need the recipe for both! I love anything pumpkin and I love anything cobbler, so please post the recipe.

Your house looks beautiful!

Sandy Toes said...

pumpkin cobbler..mmm..that sounds yummy!
-sandy toes

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Bozely is so cute! I love that photo of him! :)

Denise C said...

Oh what a wonderful idea...love the pumpkin stew!!! It is all about the presentation..and this is just perfect!
The cobbler looks delicious too!!!
OK....I have to tell you....your front porch looks almost identical to ours!!! *Wink*!
We also have two big yellow mums in very similar urns....we have those same metal pumpkins!!! And....I noticed the Longaberger basket in your hand....and have to tell you that I am a big Longaberger collector too!!!
How fun!
Have a fabulous day!!!

LucyinStLou said...

Did you post a recipe for the pumpkin cobbler? That sounds great!

Rae said...

I had thought of making a dinner in a pumpkin but am not a huge pumpkin fan so I didn't. It just looks so good!! I'll have to try it next year!

Bozely is ADORABLE!!

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