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After a long week, I'm looking forward to spending the entire weekend with friends. We are having our friends Mike and Marylin over for dinner this evening. My husband is cooking so I really get to enjoy the evening! Saturday I have the normal errands to run during the day but, will relax and enjoy being with our fabulous friends and neighbors Bill and Fran in their lovely home. On Sunday Fran and I are going to spend the afternoon together shopping, lunching (a new word) and then attending the Pearl Event. A lovely girls day out I might add.
I'm sure Monday will come all too quickly but I'll be relaxed and ready!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Monday, not a fun day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | | 9 comments
Sunday Bozley was having trouble with what I thought was his paw. While I'm not a veterinarian, I do play one at home if need be (especially if it's a Sunday and the vet is closed). I couldn't find anything wrong with his paw and didn't have an answer for him not wanting to walk on it. This had happened to our last bulldog and he was fine the next day so, I expected Bozley to wake up Monday morning and be his happy self.

Instead, he cried and yelped throughout the night, by 5:30 am I knew this wasn't going to be a good start to the week.
His right side of his body was in pain and he could not walk. I had to carry him (a light 50lbs) up and down the stairs, outside, and try to make him comfortable until our 11:20 appointment. He was truly pathetic and I was in tears. I was certain he had suffered a stroke and was expecting the worse from the vet. I didn't want to have to make any big decisions about our canine family member on my own. Oh, I forgot to add that my husband is not home due to travel.
Bozley is not fond of riding in moving vehicles. The minute he realized I was carrying him towards the garage, he began to squirm. It's not easy to hold a dog of that weight and have him moving all around. I finally got him in the back of my SUV and on our way ~ he cried out the whole time ~ just about did me in emotionally!
I carried him into the office and immediately our wonderful vet became concerned. He did several tests and discovered that while he was playing he had pulled a muscle but the real problem ~ stroke like symptoms and inability to walk was caused by Lyme Disease. Lyme is very prevalent in this area. My son had it 2 years ago but we found the tick on him and he was treated before any symptoms occurred
Currently he is on a round of Doxycycline for 28 days and Rimadyl for pain management.

By late evening Bozley was sitting up but still not walking much. His personality is once again playful and loving and I'm sighing a huge relief!
I must admit that I eyed the Rimadyl this morning when I woke to very sore arm and back muscles from lugging this little (ha) puppy around all day!
All is well in our home once again and Bozley is on a diet! ;)

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So sweet and yet so painful

Sunday, February 22, 2009 | | 13 comments
My husband surprised me with a new lens for my camera (this is very bad picture of me ~ long day at school and I was exhausted!). It was very sweet of him and I certainly didn't expect anything like this out of the blue.
It's a 50mm lens that a friend of ours suggested as the next purchase for my new camera. I'm very excited about my new gift but, oh so overwhelmed. I've taken a couple of classes and they have been helpful but, I still feel like I'm in the dark and my pictures reflect it!
When I'm in the class I "get it" but when I go to pick up my camera several days later, my memory is blank, my notes don't seem to make sense and I feel like I'm starting all over. It's very frustrating taking the same picture in different settings trying to find the one that looks the best ~ it also puts a damper on catching the moment. My family has to stay frozen in their poses for minutes (many, many) at a time. They cringe and cry when they see me pull my camera out of the bag and, beg me not to torture them. The dog just lays down and whines. Who can blame them?!
I need more hours in the day to perfect my new interest that is quickly becoming a chore rather than enjoyment.
When I visit other blogs their pictures are beautiful ~ the lighting is just right, colors are clear, food shots look delicious, subjects are happy and, the photographer is delighted to share with others.
Any simple suggestions? Ugh!
Anyone looking for a new camera? I may know of one for sale in
the very near future! ;)

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Can't wait!

Friday, February 20, 2009 | | 9 comments
I am so looking forward to meeting the woman behind the incredible, thought provoking, and generous words.
A dear girlfriend and I are attending her event.
We are going to make a day of it together ~ a little shopping along the way, a little lunch, wonderful uninterrupted conversation and close our day listening to this amazing woman speak.
Her typed words are moving ~ I just can't imagine how touching her words will be in person!

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February break

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 | | 11 comments
I look forward to this break the most each year. I teach in a different district than my children attend. They have Monday and Tuesday of this week off and I have the entire week off ~ which translates to a real vacation! ;) My husband is away on travel this week so it's just my daughter and I (and of course Bozley). There is nothing too exciting or over the top going on this week which is exactly what I wanted! Currently on the docket ~

~ lunch with friends
~ hosting a girls night on Thursday
~ spa afternoon
~ cleaning and sorting out
~ catching up on a few projects
~ reading my new book
~ enjoying quiet mornings by myself
~ decide on new color scheme for master bedroom
~ decide on new bedding
~ purchase material for curtains
That's it.
Like I said, it's not over the top and even somewhat dull
but I'm thrilled with the lack of excitement!

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Filled with Love

Saturday, February 14, 2009 | | 8 comments
May you have a Happy Valentine's Day!
This year my husband is home so we are spending it together. He is making me a special dinner at home. This is a real treat for many reasons. I am lucky to be married to an amazing cook. Unfortunately, due to long work hours and travel, he doesn't have much time to indulge in this area.
When he does cook, he goes all out. His creations are always amazing. I love the fact that he pours me a glass of wine and escorts me to an area to relax while he does the prep work. I wander back towards the kitchen around the time he begins to cook. However, I am not allowed in the kitchen. Luckily, our kitchen opens into our family room so I can curl up in a comfy chair by the fireplace and still enjoy being with him. It's nice to be able to talk and laugh with him. I love this time of catching up with him, hearing his thoughts, and talking about our up coming plans.
What ever menu he has planned, I know it will be delicious and I will enjoy every bite. Relaxing and lingering over a fabulous meal with my husband is something I look forward to and oh so appreciate it when I have the opportunity.
I don't need expensive gifts, or a dozen roses, the time we spend together is the best gift of all!

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Awaiting spring

Sunday, February 8, 2009 | | 9 comments
It is a beautiful day here on the East Coast ~ a balmy 38 degrees outside and the sun is shinning brightly. The day has a promise of cheeriness to to it. We are suppose to get up into the 50's today.
I must admit that I've enjoyed our beautiful blankets of snow this winter, chilly nights by the fireplace and the warmth and coziness that only winter can provide.
However, I'm beginning to feel the itch of spring. I'm ready to work in my flower beds, plant a few vegetables, hear the birds chirping in the morning, the sound of rain on the roof, and the wonderful clean smell it leaves.
This all leads to my ever growing fondness of urns ~ we have large ones on our front entry filled with flowers during the summer, mums in autumn, and even use them for decoration during the Christmas season. On our back patio I grow my mint in one to keep it pot bound, and flowers in the others during the summer. We have smaller ones dispersed throughout our home for practical uses as well as holding plants.
When we were in Newport this past December, I found these. They are gorgeous!

They are enormous but the sizing for this lawn is balanced as they are
placed next to a mansion. The one above is taller than I, and I'm 5'8"
I absolutely love this one. If only I could find one on a much smaller scale for my home.

If we had an entry from our gate to our drive, I would love to have something such as this. On either side of the drive, they had urns on decorative stone pillars. Not only are they architectural beautiful, they soften the scene before you which is the mansion standing so stellar against the vast waters in the background.

These are situated on either side of the steps leading down to the lawn overlooking the water. I took these on a cold dreary December afternoon which doesn't do justice to the beauty. If you can, imagine a warm summer day with green grass, blue skies and a warm breeze coming off the water.

These lovelies welcomed you onto the side porch.
Once again .... if only they came in my size.

I just couldn't choose a favorite. I loved them all. There were more but, it was really chilly out and my patient husband suggested we return on a warmer day to photograph the others.

I shall return!

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Friends, food, and fun!

Friday, February 6, 2009 | | 4 comments
If you recall a few weeks ago we had a very full calendar. Well, this is one of the culprits!
We met some of our friends at this establishment. Can you guess where we went?

The yummy concoction above is not mine but, what a fabulous (and clear) photo. The fact that I mentioned clear should be an immediate indication to you that I DID NOT take this shot! :)

If I could move this fast in the kitchen, my family would be sitting down to dinner by 5pm
and I could spend the rest of my evening solving some sort of world crisis!

I may or may not have had this happen in my kitchen. However, it was not planned and I wasn't able to produce a delicious meal from the powerful flames.
These guys not only have talent but wonderful personalities!

Choices, choices! There were so many wonderful things to choose from ~ where to start?!
In the end, I went with the scallops and was oh, so pleased. I must admit that one treat I never get enough of living on the coast is the fresh seafood!
I love the look on my friends face in the background! There is nothing better than getting together with fabulous friends, having great fun and enjoying delicious food!
In case you couldn't guess from my four very informative photos, we went to a Japanese hibachi grill. There was another couple that sat with us at our grill from Rhode Island. They matched our personalities perfectly and fit right into "the group". The woman owns a spa and invited us to come for a visit ~ we'll see you soon!
Thanks for the great shots Fran ~
Just one suggestion: if you place the camera right in someones face, it takes 10 pounds off! Trust me, I know, I've done it a few times!:) Thanks again for always capturing our moments of fun!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 | | 6 comments
I wish it were I that is on travel but I'm home keeping a watchful eye on the home front. My husband on the other hand is enjoying all points of direction. He has hit all weather extremes in the process. We did have a sighting of him over the weekend. He was home for a day and a half only to fly out in the early morning hours on Monday. Most importantly, he made it home for the Super Bowl and we enjoyed being together at our dear friends annual party.
For the most part I don't mind his traveling. During the week I'm busy with daily routines, work, household tasks and such. Truth be told, I sometimes even enjoy it. I think you need to be a military wife to really understand that thought process. We (as in spouses) are in some ways trained to be very independent individuals so that when we are alone, we function and prospered rather than shrivel up and become non~existent. I don't know how better to explain this, it's come after many years of being a single married gal ~ how's that for confusing?
Since my husband has been gone I've rearranged the furniture ( this something I always seem to do when he is gone and never when he is home. He comments on this often and has become an on going joke between us), purchased paint to repaint the half bath, made girlie dinners, chatted with a few girlfriends on the phone, watched a movie I wanted to watch, taken a long hot bath, and have been in bed by 9:30 so that I can snuggle in with a good book. There are some benefits to husband's traveling ~ it's all about perspective!

My husband gave me the tulips during his visit. They are a sneek peek into spring. A lovely thought as it is currently snowing outside!

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