ABC dating

Monday, March 30, 2009 | | 11 comments
Alphabet dating
Do you remember your first date with your husband?
I do.
Our dates were amazing ~ he sent flowers, small gifts, lovely restaurants,
weekends away, wrote me poems, called just because he was thinking of me ...
I knew on our first date that he was the man I wanted to marry.
He was such a gentleman. I loved just "being" with him. No matter what we were doing ~ we were together. Ahhh, those were the days.
Phase II of Life
Add a couple of children into the picture, careers, pets, school projects, committee meetings, seasonal sports, home improvement projects, hectic holidays and what do you get?
Well, to be honest, not much.
We both have made attempts to embrace a weekly date night. The first week is great and then "something comes up" and it falls by the wayside.
I had an idea a few months ago to date using the alphabet!
Strange thought? Yes.
When I proposed it to my husband he agreed (what a sport!) to give it a go and even took on the first letter A! Our dates have to have something to do with that letter. My husband had read about a wonderful new restaurant. He tried so hard to plan out our first date and it was a total failure (the restaurant wasn't open and we had car trouble) but we had a fabulous time regardless! That's the point of this ~ being with each other and having fun.
Our strategy has brought back the newness of "dating" each other. It's fun to be together and since we have to be creative, we both look forward to what the other has planned when it's their letter.

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Cute huh?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 | | 18 comments

This little guy has you (and us too!) all fooled!
That face looks innocent enough,
He loves to snuggle,
Always happy to see you,
Loves the neighbors,
Charms the Vet each time he visits,
Happy to pitch in and clean up spills,
So willing to warm a spot for you on
the furniture,
Jumps for joy (on you) for no reason at all!
If you haven't guessed by now, we are having a few puppy "issues" around our home. The breaking point was when he wouldn't come in the house when my husband called him. I guess he just wasn't ready. The neighbor children were playing and someone (or somedog) needed to keep an eye on them. He was just the dog to take on the job ~ in fact he left our yard to make sure they were safe. NOT what he is allowed to do. He is totally harmless and just wants to makes friends ~ with everyone!
The training books are in the mail, I've been looking on the internet for suggestions, and I'm looking into a trainer.
Our last bulldog was SO laid back! We were totally spoiled. We laid the rules down and he never challenged them ~ just rolled with the rules, no questions asked.
Bozley has a few different thoughts on our so called rules. He apparently would like to make a few amendments. The real problem here is that we (the humans) think we are in charge and he (the canine) thinks he should be in charge. While that is a lovely thought, we have something a little different in mind.
So for the next few weeks, I'm dusting off my favorite phrase (just ask my children, they have threatened to put in on my headstone when I pass) "Choices, consequences." If you make a good choice, you'll enjoy the consequences. If you make a bad choice, you'll think twice next time. I guarantee it!
If you have to have a bulldog, I'd love to hear your training secrets!

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Oh yum!

Thursday, March 19, 2009 | | 17 comments
There is just something about the impending arrival of spring that makes me crave lemon and coconut flavored goodies. I think it may have something to do with the Easter holiday and the revival of all that is green, fresh and bright!

I made this for dessert recently. We were invited to our friends along with another couple for dinner. I knew instantly what I wanted to bring~ coconut creme cake with whip creme topping sprinkled with toasted coconut. It didn't disappoint and some even had seconds *names are being withheld for protection purposes : ) *
I can't say that it is diet friendly but,
it does wonders for your winter gray disposition!

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A Girly Favorite

Friday, March 13, 2009 | | 11 comments
When dad is away, we eat this way!
This is one of my all time favorite meals ~
Pizza Salad

It's easy to make and oh so yummy
Make your favorite pizza ~ some times we make our homemade pizza (pictured above) and other times when we are in a hurry, we use a Trader Joe's frozen pizza.
Make a salad, toss it with the dressing of choice and place it on top of the pizza while it is warm (not hot out of the oven)

When my husband is on travel we have this for dinner. It's perfect for a week night dinner.
I could go for some right now!

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A little tease

Thursday, March 12, 2009 | | 5 comments
Over the weekend I tried out my new lens while enjoying the first tease of spring. It was absolutely beautiful all weekend. I sure had fun using my new 50mm lens and being outdoors without a jacket (I felt almost naked ;) !
I found these little guys popping up.
They too were enjoying the sun from the side yard in the back of our house

These little fellows are more than excited to stretch after a long winter of hibernation.
I can't believe how quickly they sprang up once the weather turned.
One day very soon they will be just as beautiful as ...

these lovelies that are bringing an early spring for us to enjoy indoors.

I'm so ready for spring!
I can't wait to ~
work in my flower beds
plant my herb garden
smell freshly mowed grass
open my windows
wear lighter weight clothing
listen to the laughter of the children
smell the fresh spring rain
enjoy my patio
sit in the sunshine
fill my home with spring flowers
Please hurry!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009 | | 8 comments

These women are amazing!
I told my husband last year that I wanted to get tickets to see and hear Celtic Women. They were sold out before we even had a chance.
This year my sweet husband jumped on the opportunity as soon as it became available and last night we were treated to their talents.
Do you ever really, really look forward to something ~ like when you were a little child and you just couldn't wait? Well, that's what it was like for me all last week. I just couldn't wait for Saturday night and when it finally got here, I wasn't disappointed in the least. In fact, it was even better than I had hoped!
What a fun date night. We had a bite to eat then joined the crowds attending the performance. The show lasted two and a half hours (with a short intermission) that just flew by. I wasn't ready for it to end ~ more please!
It was one of the best performances I have been to in a very long time. Their voices are golden, their personalities are delightful, and their energy was endless. Not to mention they are also beautiful.
I will be purchasing their music as well as their Christmas CD.
If you ever get the chance to see them DEFINITELY go ~ you'll enjoy every minute!

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60 !

Thursday, March 5, 2009 | | 14 comments
No, I'm not turning 60 (although, I do feel like it some days) I'm simply celebrating it ~ as in 60 degrees!
That's right! It's going to be 60 degrees this weekend ~ whoo hoo!
This calls for a celebration!
I'm breaking out the bikini (I should probably warn the neighbors)
Warming up the grill
Working on the flower beds
Firing up the riding lawn mower
Dusting off my Lily skirts
Getting the beach bag ready
Replacing the sunscreen
Hauling out the golf clubs (need to alert everyone within 50 miles)
It's OK, reality has resumed ... I'll just settle with taking off one of my extra layers.
Seriously though, I am so excited about the fact that we are slowing (and I do mean s l o w l y) approaching warmer weather! I'm dreaming of the days I can wear only one shirt under one wool sweater, then down sizing to just a long sleeve shirt, then just a short sleeve shirt and light sweater (this is a little risky but bare with me ;) just a short (or dare I say, sleeveless) shirt!
Oh, a girl can dream!

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Not again ...

Monday, March 2, 2009 | | 8 comments
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
We got hit again last night and it just kept coming down until early this morning. We awoke to 10 inches of fresh snow and there is more on its way this afternoon.
I realize that we live in the north, I understand that it is still winter, and reality is that we could still have yet another storm before it is over for the season. However, it's been a long cold winter and I really want Mother Nature to let spring come and visit ~ soon!
On a positive note, my husband is not on travel this week and he was out snow blowing our drive at the crack of dawn along with all the other neighbors who had to slip and slide off to work this morning. I was able to stay in my warm jammies and watch from the front window.
I'll be spending my day indoors pondering how to beat the heat in my classroom this summer as we tack on yet another snow day to the calendar. Perhaps I should shovel a little of this snow into our freezer and bring it out in June to keep me cool :)

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