A little tease

Thursday, March 12, 2009 |
Over the weekend I tried out my new lens while enjoying the first tease of spring. It was absolutely beautiful all weekend. I sure had fun using my new 50mm lens and being outdoors without a jacket (I felt almost naked ;) !
I found these little guys popping up.
They too were enjoying the sun from the side yard in the back of our house

These little fellows are more than excited to stretch after a long winter of hibernation.
I can't believe how quickly they sprang up once the weather turned.
One day very soon they will be just as beautiful as ...

these lovelies that are bringing an early spring for us to enjoy indoors.

I'm so ready for spring!
I can't wait to ~
work in my flower beds
plant my herb garden
smell freshly mowed grass
open my windows
wear lighter weight clothing
listen to the laughter of the children
smell the fresh spring rain
enjoy my patio
sit in the sunshine
fill my home with spring flowers
Please hurry!

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Sandy Toes said...

I am so with you~
I "second" your Please Hurry!
sandy toe

Petunia said...

Great photographs!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I can't wait for spring.....the brown grass and trees with no leaves are a bit depressing!!

Hope you are enjoying that new lens....the pics are great!


Anonymous said...

amazing photos!

Melanie said...

I cannot wait for Spring to officially arrive! We have been getting teasers here and there:D

I love your pizza salad idea. I always serve salad with our pizza but it never occured to me to put it right on top! Great idea!

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