Easter memories

Monday, April 13, 2009 |
~ A few pictures of our Easter ~
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We had a quiet and relaxing day at home ~ just what we all needed.
I made our traditional Easter breakfast before scooting off. We enjoyed brie and fresh fruit while preparing dinner. Once everything was in the oven, my daughter and I took a very chilly walk with Bozley. After dinner was over and we found a little extra room, we managed to "try" the cheesecake with a chocolate drizzle and fresh strawberries ~ I hope Lori isn't reading this ~ I only had a small piece :) Our evening was topped off with movies in our jammies!
It was my first year without my son so I sent him a monogrammed pail in Carolina blue filled with Easter treats and goodies. I made a friend of mine a special Peter Cottontail to hang in her home.
Easter morning my husband surprised me with a few goodies and some lovely spring flowers {much appreciated in the 50 degree weather we had} . Bozely enjoying his first Easter basket ~ it was rather humours watching him prance around his basket. He had no clue what to do or how to get the toys out with the basket handle in the way.
Sorry, no pictures of my husband {not willing to be photographed} and our teenage daughter needed more than 15 minutes notice before her photo is taken and me? Well someone had to be behind the lens!
{just a little side note, I FINALLY figured out how to make a collage!}
Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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Sandy Toes said...

So very pretty~
sandy toe

Joanna said...

Your Easter sounds heavenly!

Lori said...

Hehee, I'm reading.....(the head of a chocolate bunny somehow ended up in my mouth as well! lol)
Your Easter Sunday sounds so very nice and your decorations are so pretty. I have my eye on one of those fabulous tassels.....why haven't I noticed those before?!
Thanks for the email....I ended up finding a better way to do it so others wouldn't think I was excluding them :)
Have a great week!

Rachel said...

Love your pictures & well as your C.U.T.E. Tassels!
So glad you had a wonderful Easter.

Oh and did you get my convo from Etsy? I would be flattered if you posted about the peonies!

Hope you have a wonderful week.


coco said...

Love all your Easter pictures...Bozely is a lucky dog!

Sue said...

Just found you. Your collage pictures are lovely. So.... would you mind sharing how you created it? I am a newbie of just under 2 months, so I am always on the lookout for creativity! Thanks, Sue

At Home In Georgia said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable Easter. I love those kind of days. Your pictures are great! You made that tassel? It's really pretty. I sure could go for a piece of cheesecake...mmmm.

carolinagirl said...

Happy Easter! Love the Carolina Blue Monogrammed basket!!! Very cute!

Melissa Miller said...

How pretty is your collage!
I love it Jo!

Bozley is about the coolest dog ever.

I'm glad your Easter was blessed.
~Melissa :)

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

So Pretty! Love the monogrammed basket!! I need to learn to do a photo collage...love it.

Laura Trevey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) I will enjoy visiting yours as well. Happy Tuesday ~~

francesmileski said...

Collage is fantastic !!!!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Wonderful photos. Two things...tell me how you did that collage in Picasa...I can't figure it out. AND...where did you get that pail? I'd love to get one for Legare!!

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