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{The pictures were taken after most of the water had been removed}

I was out treating myself to an enjoyably relaxing trip to the Commissary, on payday no less {only those that are military affiliated will understand that true charm of this statement ~ I honestly had NO idea of the date!}, when I get a frantic call from home .

It went something like this ...

Child ~ we have a flood in the basement
Responsible parent ~ seriously? I'm in no mood for games
{remember, Commissary on payday}
Child ~ Mom, would we joke around about this?
Responsible parent ~ um yes, need I remind you about the mouse trick last night?
Child ~ oh yea (giggling)
Responsible parent ~ clean up the mess and I'll be home soon
Child ~ OK
Child ~ you might want to stop by the rental store
Responsible parent ~ and why would that be?
Child ~ because our pump can't handle all the water that is flooding in the bulk head doors like a waterfall!
phone conversation ends.

Lovely, just lovely!

Responsible parent now alone in her SUV shares a quiet moment with her non existent husband out loud ~ yes, that's right, I was talking to myself while leaving the base. No worries, the windows were rolled up since it was raining so darn hard.

True to their word, we had a flood in the basement. We started the clean up at 2:00pm this afternoon. It is now 11:30pm and I along with my children are going to bed. It's been a very, very, long day!

Oh, if you're reading this at some point sweet husband of mine, when you return there will be a rather large charge on our credit card for the Norwich Inn and Spa. No need to question it, the pictures I took of the damaged goods for the insurance company will be explanation enough. :)

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annechovie said...

Have a happy 4th, JO!

monogramgirl said...

I so feel for you! Here in Southeastern Massachusetts it has been equally as miserable.'re supposed to shine at least once in a while...even a peek would do. How much more rain can we take? More thunderstorms for us this afternoon. Bah.What is the commisary?

pve design said...

Oh no, I think we have had enough rain...and water - happy sunny 4th to

Lisa said...

Like I always say....don't ever mess with a woman's pipes! All of our plumbing issues and I mean ALL of them, only happen when Mr. Porter is away.
I hope that whatever is wet, is dry soon. One more thing for Jo to list among her many accomplishments. Enjoy the spa!

Lori said...

OMGosh.....would you pack up already and head down here! Just do it, who needs ALL that rain?!!! Uuugh. I sure hope you got everything cleaned up and why does that stuff always happen when hubby's not around?!
Your beach photos looked fun and regardless of weather, the beach is always a great time! :)

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