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Saturday, November 13, 2010 |

Today is my birthday. I'm 29 {again}, thank you for asking :)
My special day began with an unexpected treat. We lost power just as I was getting out of bed. One forgets how much they depend on electricity until their morning coffee isn't available ~ not a pretty sight!

Not long ago my husband asked what I'd like for my birthday. I seriously could not come up with any ideas. Sure there are things I'd want but nothing jumped out when asked. When he asked again a few days ago, I had the same answer ... I don't really need anything.

This got me to thinking about how fortunate I really am ...

~ A husband who loves me
~ I want for nothing - food, clothing, shelter
~ If there is something I want, I usually purchase it on site {within reason}
~ My basic needs are more than fulfilled
~ We have a lovely home
~ My son is on the right track in life and doing really well
~ My family loves and supports me
~ I have amazing friends
~ I have a job that I love and enjoy those I work with daily

 Given the state of the economy, I think I'm a lucky birthday girl with many blessings!

My real gift this year is that my husband is home. He has been away for the past 4 years on my birthday. He has always done something special for me in his absence but it's just the same as having home to share it with me. 

My good friend Marilyn's birthday is 2 weeks before mine and our guys are taking us out to celebrate. Kevin and Mike have been scheming and won't share any of the details. Kevin picked out my outfit {I didn't know what to wear because he won't tell me where we are going}. They are meeting us at our home. Cocktails will be served at 6 pm and we are leaving promptly at 6:30pm for dinner.

I'll fill you in on all the details tomorrow but for now I'm rushing off to shower!

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Kat said...

How fun! Those flowers are gorgeous! I hope your birthday is super fabulous and that you have fun at your surprise dinner!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday! I am so glad that you can celebrate this special day with your husband. What a perfect and wonderful gift! Enjoy.

Best wishes always,

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Happy Birthday and have fun tonight!

Sue said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Jo!! I will be 29 on the 26th. LOL I think I was a Turkey Baby! Have a great celebration.

Suburban Princess said...

I hope you have a wonderful night out!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Enjoy your special day...made even more special by having your sweetie pie at home this year.

Kacey said...

That birthday bouquet is beautiful! Pink roses seem just perfect for you. :)

I hope you've had a lovely day celebrating! I'm jealous you get to have your birthday during the cozy month of November!

Best wishes to you today and the year ahead!!


Laural Out Loud said...

I just stumbled on your blog- it's been a fun read! I hope you have a wonderful time and that you get surprised over and over again the whole evening long.

Town and Country Mom said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your night out with your husband and friends! Beautiful flowers, too!

CarolinaMama said...

Happy Birthday Jo!! How special a night! Hope you have a great time! Can't wait to hear about your 29th! :)

EntertainingMom said...

Jo... LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog design! Who did it?


Lauren said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You have a wonderful attitude of gratitude! Happy Birthday!!!! Such a great reminder to count our blessings!
I hope you had a fun birthday surprise!

bevy said...

Happy birthday (albeit a day late!). Love how you put your blessings in perspective...

And your "birthday" blog makeover looks fabulous. It is obvious you are only 29!!!

Tessa said...

happy birthday, jo!! hope you had a fabulous night out. you are a lucky birthday girl, indeed! thanks for your sweet comments this week! xo, tess

ps. btw..your new blog design is BEAUTIFUL!!

Lorri said...

I can't wait to hear all about it! I love how cute husbands are when they get together to "plan" a special night for their wives. Hope it was so much fun!

Pink Martini said...

Hope you had a wonderful celebration, Jo. :)

Kathy said...

I almost thought I had the wrong blog! Love the new look. So bright and cheerful.

I'm glad it sounds like Kevin put together a nice birthday for you. I am upset though that I neglected to send off a birthday message to you on Saturday in the midst of trying to leave town that day it slipped my mind.

Just had to say a belated happy birthday and I'm glad you got to spend it with Kevin! I'll catch up more with you via email later.

Hope the next year brings even more blessings!

JMW said...

Happy birthday! What a wonderful post. Yes, having your hubby back with you to celebrate is the best gift of all. Can't wait to hear what he planned. He picked out your outfit, too? Now, that's quite a guy! :)

Draffin Bears said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jo!
Enjoy your special day with your husband and your friends. May it be the start of a wonderful year ahead.
Love the pretty flowers and new look to your blog.


French said...

Dear Miss Jo, A very happy birthday to day we will celebrate it in Burgundy a week later, with the wine auction, another story. I am beyond swamped so more soon. Thinking of you and will email this weekend....xxoo A

Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

I was so happy with my new washer&dryer I almost cried the first time I used them :O)

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