Spring Break

Monday, May 2, 2011 |
We had a very late break this year. With that said, we still don’t get out of school this year until late June. My social calendar was light with hopes of tackling a few home projects. After all, doesn’t the word project just scream rest and relaxation? Yep, thought so! I started off in the right direction. Day one was spent with these fine fellas. The family room was getting a much needed face lift.


We were primed {pun intended} and ready to go until I felt a gurgle in my stomach. Oh joy, I was treated with the horrid stomach bug that ripped through my school. Trying to keep an upbeat outlook, I managed to get through my stack of magazine and drop 5 pounds in a matter of a couple of days. Talk about a diet plan that works!Once I was feeling better, I finished the family room and few other cleaning projects on my list.


One afternoon I treated myself to a much needed pedicure ~ raspberry fizz. A little pink always makes you feel better!  Love my monogrammed Eliza B's and so happy to have ditched the socks for the spring and summer season.


I enjoyed a few of these. I may have a slight addiction to ice coffee. Once I switch from hot to cold, I know that summer days aren't far behind and that always bring a smile to my face.


Spring doesn’t really begin until my visit to Eliza B. The choices were over the top and I came away with these lovelies. I love supporting family businesses. Yes, there really is an Eliza. I’ve met her on more than one occasion. Not only is she a brilliant business owner but she is as sweet as sweet can be ~ not to mention beautiful! Her mother and father are just as warm and kind. The shoes are made right here in Essex Connecticut not far from our home. They also make belts, bags and dog collars and leashes. Bentley and Bozley sport the USNA fighting rams collars. Funny enough, we bought them in Annapolis MD while attending my husband's Naval Academy reunion.


The highlight of my break was having my son home. I was armed and ready for his arrival. Can you see how excited he was to see me {and my camera} as he approached my SUV? :)

Let me just say that having a college student in your home is exhausting! I’ve forgotten the hectic schedules they keep not to mention their hours. Since Nicholas hasn’t been home in a while he tried to reconnect with as many friends as possible. This meant I didn’t get much sleep.


Nothing like multitasking while dying Easter eggs. It wasn't top on his list but he was a good sport and carried on the tradition. Deep down, I think he really enjoyed himself :)

I was able to get some work done in my yard. I planted these last fall and was SO excited to see them pop up this spring. They are a frilly tulip with layers to them ~ very pretty! I like them so much that I'm going to plant more this fall. That is if I can remember the name. I put a marker next to them but during the raking, it has disappeared. If you happen to know the name, please share.


Since we were all home on Saturday morning we had a pre-Easter breakfast. Growing up we called this monkey bread. For the life of me I have no idea where the name came from or why but it is a family favorite. We had a relaxing morning lingering around the breakfast table. One of my favorite treats is not having a time schedule that has to be met. It doesn't happen often but when It does, I enjoy every second of our time.


Before I know it, the week was over and I was back in school. Nicholas is in North Carolina where it is 85 degrees with perfect beach weather. I know this because he reminds each time we talk. Is it possible to ground your college age son for rude comments? :) I'll admit I'm VERY envious!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

How lovely your Son came home and you were able to have a great Spring break.
Your new sandals are pretty and go so well with the pink nails.
I love your gorgeous tulips and really must feel like Spring there.

Happy week

D said...

i love that your pedi matches your sandals!! A girl after my own heart;)
Have a college age son that puts a smile on my face but, bags under my eyes when he arrives home, as well.

carolinagirl said...

So sorry you were sick...no fun!!! I am glad that you had some time with N though. Yes, the weather has finally perked up down here, but it is only supposed to be 62 tomorrow...bleh! I am ready for warm to stay.

Love your Eliza B flops.

bevy said...

So sorry you got sick... But it made you rat and relax! And love that Nicholas still dyes eggs with you. Y'all looked like you were having so much fun!

We are counting down the days until summer. I think we are at 21!

Susan R said...

Everything looks so fresh and bright. I love your Eliza Bs and that fun polish on your toes.

Kathy said...

You are reminding me of how badly I need a pedi. :) Love your flip flops. If only I had weather worthy of them.... :)

Beautiful photos. The tulips are gorgeous. So glad you had a nice visit with Nicholas. Hope you are having a good week!!!


Lori said...

Hi Jo! I felt like I was reading one of my own posts, so much in common! :D
I'm glad you're feeling better, bummer about losing a few days to sickness, but it sounds like they were used wisely. Love the Raspberry Fizz toes and let's hear it for the addicted to iced-coffee club!! I'm drinking some now! (by the way, is that one of those I-wanted-but-went-back-for-and-they-were-all-gone-reusable-cups?)
And taking pictures as your son is walking to the car, so funny! I love the pictures of him coloring eggs...I'm SURE he was loving that regardless of what he said. :)
And I love, love, love, love, love, LOVE those peony-like tulips!!! Not sure of the name, but they're described as rosette tulips. I know the light pink ones are called "Angelique". Let me know if you find out!
Love monkey bread too!! :)
Happy Spring, yippee!!

Lisa said...

Honestly...the smell of fresh paint and a pedicure is enough to make my heart sing!
Reintroduced myself to my toes and got my first spring pedi today! Ahhhhhhh!
School will be out before you know it and I bet we'll find you in the garden digging with those darling boys of yours!
xo Lisa

A New England Life said...

That's definitely not the kind of diet any lady likes! I imagine the Starbucks helped put a little back on ; )

Oh my gosh your son is to cute! And I love the Tulips! This fall I'm planting a bunch of them along the front of my garden. They're flowers will be a welcome sight next spring.

I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day, Jo.


Lori said...

Hey, Happy Mother's Day!
After leaving my last comment I ran up to the grocery store that night and the Starbucks had their new cups out and I had to laugh, after just mentioning in my comment how they ran out last time and I missed out. So I was sure to grab one right away. Of course I got the huge-jumbo size cause I love my iced coffee!! anyway, it looks like that's what this cup is! :)
Hope you had a great weekend!

Tessa said...

Hi Jo!

Have I really not stopped to visit you since Easter?? I'm so behind with blog reading & commenting. I hate that feeling. Anyhow, I loved seeing all your wonderful pictures and reading about the precious memories you've been making (except for the tummy bug. you could have done without that!) but expeically all the quality time with Nicholas! He's such a cutie!! So nice cathcing up!! Happy belated Mother's Day!!


JMW said...

What a cool event! I could do a lot of damage to our bank account at a place like that!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I could do some serious damage there! I love that dress at Madhtr!

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