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Thursday, June 21, 2012 |
I thought I'd better get last weekend's festivities up before another weekend arrives ...

This year my husband enjoyed a two part Father's Day. On Mother's Day {yes, I loaned him my big day} we traveled to New York for a Yankees game. 

This isn't necessarily my idea of a great time but I will admit that it turned out to be a fun filled {hot} day. A good friend's husband orchestrated a bus trip for his employees and invited a few of their friends along. Since Kevin likes the Yankees, has wanted to go to a game and I'm a fabulous wife {insert hearty laugh} we happily boarded the bus. Thankfully this bus wasn't yellow and I wasn't in charge of everyone on it! :)

We were able to arrive well before any other fans and enjoyed a ballpark lunch in a private party setting. One of my dreams came true ... endless supply of popcorn! Yum :)
If only I could convince Kevin we need a popcorn machine for our home!

Mother's Day Weekend 125 Mother's Day Weekend 133  

The happy guy before the game!

Mother's Day Weekend 126Mother's Day Weekend 136 Mother's Day Weekend 140  

We had good seats but the afternoon sun baked us! I ended up with a lovely sunburned nose ~ my students thought it was funny. 

I caught a little grief from our friends because I didn't have any Yankee gear ~ sorry, I'm not a billboard. 

On Sunday { Father's Day} we enjoyed breakfast at The Shack after church, we worked in the yard and I made Kevin a special dinner.

We enjoyed asian chopped salad, bacon rubbed chicken skewers with a thai marinade, and manly chocolate cupcakes with kahlua frosting. June 2012 024 June 2012 028 

Then it was time for gifts. Bentley's motto is *better to help open a gift than just let it sit there.* Much to his chagrin, he wasn't allowed to rip the paper off. 

June 2012 032

  June 2012 033

June 2012 035

 The mustache glasses are an on going joke in our home. Kevin grew a mustache last year while on the submarine. He came home and ~surprised me~ with his new addition. For several weeks he continued to annoy me with the furry patch on his lip. After my threatening to shave it off in the middle of the night, he finally relented and shaved. 

The kit is from William Sonoma ~ I'll let you know how it turns out.

 Ending a very nice day with chocolate!

June 2012 018

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Dee Stephens said...

How fun! That meal looks delish!!! I don't think your mustache glass photo made it?
Just the picture of the pooch trying to figure out the gifts. Buddy loves gifts too! ;)

Kathy said...

Your hair has gotten long! It looks pretty! Great photo of you and Kevin. Loved this post ~ I could hear your voice & sense of humor in it as I was reading...looking forward to chatting soon. Have a great day!

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

Matt grew a mustache one cruise when I met him in singapore and it was hideous! Something to do I guess. Also one year for father's day at the boys school, Matt was out again. I wore a mustache to school and my kids got a big kick out of it. Most dads weren't so impressed. We do what we have to do! Glad you had great holidays!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Sounds like a very fun Fathers Day. The last time I was in Yankee Stadium I was carrying an oriental rug in a big plastic bag, it was 100 degrees and we were chased by a man in a leg cast! Doesn't THAT sound like a story!!!! Funny and true!
I love the beer making kit!

Lauren said...

Ohhh...you HAVE to get a popcorn machine to go with the  gift!!!! And if your dogs go missing....they are with me. So adorable!!!!

lori carolina said...

How awesome for hubby, you ARE such a great wife!! Except for the whole Yankees thing.....will let is slide this time since you did refuse to wear gear. :))))
That food look DELICIOUS and should be in a magazine!! Did you make those incredibly adorable cupcakes?!
And you definitely need a popcorn machine!!!!:D

lori carolina said...

Oh one more thing.....your dogs.....they are the sweetest things and I just love them. The pics with the gift are just precious!!! lol
Can't blame the guy, that paper is so pretty, he's got good taste too!:))

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Looks like you had a marvelous time.

JMW said...

Okay, now my mouth is watering. That looks delicious!

Privet and Holly said...

Cilantro is one of
those things that
kind of grows on
you; I didn't like it
at first, but now,
like you, I love it!

Hope you are having
a wonderful summer,

xo Suzanne

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