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This one word sums up how I've been feeling the past few weeks. I'm in hyper-drive the minute my feet hit the ground each morning.

Here are a few reasons why ...

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Our lower patio is under reconstruction. A new drainage system is being put in place to alleviate water in the basement during heavy downpours. 

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The second family room in the basement is in the midst of being remolded. The carpet was ripped up after the great flood of 2012 and new tile is being laid. I think it will look lovely once it's completed.

Our contractor, known as my husband, is doing all the work. His talents are impressive but his *real* job has been keeping him hopping so the home projects aren't coming along as quickly as desired.

Just keeping it real here ...

Our cook {aka Me!} decided to try out new recipes for our party that required the use of every single pot, pan, appliance and utensil in the kitchen! It's blurry but you get the gist.

October 2012 018

In every day life, I'm crazy busy at school. I have a very challenging classroom this year. It's going to be a very fast past school year with lots of activity.

For my so called *free time* I'm taking a class, more on that later, this semester. I'm really enjoying it but the additional time and work load demands have required me to pull energy from other areas.

This past week I was dealt a health scare that has me going in for more testing. I'm concerned and nervous which isn't mixing well with everything else that's whirling around in my life.

Oh, how could I forget, this weekend we are having nearly 70 people in our home for our annual Oktoberfest party and our home looks like a bomb just exploded!

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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Oh my, you do have a lot on your plate right now!! Deep breath! We just had to have our master bathroom shower ripped out and replaced and it is now finally done but it took a couple of months....I understand what being "under construction" is like. Good luck with your party. I always like to read about what you served and how it went. Chin up!

Katie Clooney said...

Your kitchen is still pretty all messed up! I will say a prayer for a good outcome from your medical tests.

JMW said...

Wow, lots going on! I'll keep you in my prayers in regard to your health - I went through a similar experience last month and the anxiety it causes is unreal. Here's hoping that all news is good news. :)

Dee Stephens said...

Your Fall party is always the 'bomb', I'm sure it will be delightful.
I'll say a prayer for you on your health scare. Hopefully everything will be just fine.

French Basketeer.com said...

haha I am so glad I am not the only one with a kitchen that looks like a bomb went off! It's a healthy sign of productivity....I have been off line quite a bit and not sure if I complimented your recent pic of you and Nicholas....sending you my best and have fun at your Party!

elliotts said...

Hang in there....I understand what you are going through!! Hugs to you xoxo

Suburban Princess said...

Oh my! I hope all is well...hopefully it's just a scare and nothing more.

CeCe said...

Oh my goodness...hang in there! Your party will be great, I'm sure.

CeCe said...

Oh my goodness...hang in there! Your party will be great, I'm sure.

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, Jo. I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately ~ it's been a while! You have SO much going on...will remember you in my prayers and hope all is well with your health. I hope we can catch up soon ~ perhaps after your party if things slow down a bit for you then....Until then, I'm thinking of you! Take care, friend.

carolinagirl said...

Well first I'd like to say that I am praying for good results from your upcoming tests.

I know everything has come together for this weekend! I hope you can post some photos!

Love the tile work so far!

Brooke said...

You have a beautiful kitchen!
Hope you have a beautiful happy party!



Magnolia Blues said...

I hope you have a great Oktoberfest party. And I will keep you in my prayers regarding your health. I've had a one of those too and I really do understand how scary it can be. Know that God does answer prayer.


lori carolina said...

Uuuugh, I don't like when things are out-of-control crazy..... you'll be in my thoughts and I will be saying a few prayers for you. I hope somehow everything comes together for your party and you all have a great time. I hope those projects get wrapped up and I will be praying for your health! Stay strong and take care of yourself. Wish I was nearby to help!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! You poor thing! Hang in there!

P.S. I love, love, love your kitchen even with every pot and pan out! It's just lovely!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

You have so much going on, sometimes life can be like this.
I will say a little prayer for you, hope that you have a good report with your health.
Have fun with the Party, glad I am not the only one, as sometimes my kitchen looks like this.

Sending hugs and good wishes

JMW said...

Stay safe, my friend! Will be thinking of you!

NanaDiana said...

Oh Jo! I am praying for all of you. I am so glad your hubby is home and not traveling right now- Stay safe~xo Diana

Katie Clooney said...

Hi Jo! Just checking in on you. Hope you are doing ok. My sister in Goshen and my friends at Fairfield beach fared well. Hope you did as well. All the best, KC

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