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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 |

December 2012 010

  This has been a busy and emotional holiday season. After what happened in Newtown CT my heart has had a hard time with cheer and celebration. I've also been missing my sweet boy Nicholas. He spent Christmas down south with Morgan and her family. They had a great time, and her family was so sweet to him {thank you!} but it just isn't the same without him. 

  Christmas Eve dawned with a last minute rush first thing in the morning. By mid afternoon life had settled down and I was looking forward to our evening candlelight service at church. 

 For as long as I can remember, my family has held the tradition of seafood on Christmas Eve. This year I took the easy road and prepared a seafood stew. Not only was it simple to prep and prepare, it was delicious! We will be revisiting this recipe again for sure! I'll share the recipe.PicMonkey Collage

As we were about to walk out the door I realized that I had just shared at dinner that I've been slacking on photos and would like to get a shot or two of us before we left for church.

PicMonkey Collage 3
Christmas Eve service was beautiful! It was just what my soul needed to put the perspective back in place. Our pastor touched upon the families that are hurting as they deal with their losses as well as reminding us of the true reason and celebration of the season.

After we returned home, with a quiet and calm heart, I put the finishing details on our Christmas so that we could relax and enjoy a slow paced Christmas morning.

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Lisa said...

Happy New Year! Hopefully, this next year will be filled with lots of joy!

Erica Elia said...

Happy New Year!!! The food looks so yummy! Erica

Suburban Princess said...

Happy New Year! Let's hope 2013 is easier...

Kathy said...

Happy New Year!

Your stew looks delicious and you look festive and beautiful headed out to church. Hope you enjoyed a peaceful Christmas day....

Wishing you all the best in '13.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Looking forward to your recipe. Christmas isn't the same now that the kids are older. We have to make some new traditions I's not easy! Happy New Year!

lori carolina said...

You look beautiful Jo for your Christmas eve service!
And that stew.....looks SO good!!!
I'm sorry your baby boy couldn't be with you, that's hard not being able to be around the ones we love most during special holidays.
Hope your 2013 is bursting with blessings!!

Katie Clooney said...

Connecticut looks so pretty in the snow. Bentley doesn't look as excited as you do. Hope you have a great restful weekend before you head back to school.

Wengie said...

Omg you’re making me hungry, it looks so yummy!
Much love,

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