Saying Good-Bye

Friday, July 11, 2008 |
It's never easy saying good-bye to good friends. Our friends are moving next week to their new duty station in the mid-west. We will miss them. Our girls are the same age and we have lots in common so a bond was quickly built. Somehow our husbands were gone around the same times so we had some great adventures together! I will miss Jennifer's no-nonsense and matter of fact personality. Not to mention the free medical advice ; )

I am hosting her farewell this evening. It's a beautiful day here in southern Connecticut so we will be able to enjoy our new patio. We are starting off with brie {a staple around here} with a fresh fruit salsa. For the main course we are having Agapi Salad and my new find - roasted garlic ciabatta bread. It's even better when you serve it with additional roasted garlic and whipped butter. This is NOT the evening to count calories! This salad is amazing - I copied it for the local Greek restaurant. Due to the abundance of blueberries, I made a blueberry and peach cobbler for dessert. Not to mention that the wine cooler is stocked and ready to go!

I hope Jennifer enjoys a relaxing evening with her friends before the packers arrive to pack her and her family out.

Fair Wind and Following Seas!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jo, and greetings from the Midwest!

The look of the blog is really outstanding, very clean and elegant. Good luck with it; you're a good writer, so I know it will be fun to read!

Hope tonight's festivities go well... I know how hard it is to say good-bye to friends.

Congrats again! I'll be back, and feel free to visit us!

Jo said...

Thank you, you are too sweet. I'll be stopping by very soon!

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