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I wish it were I that is on travel but I'm home keeping a watchful eye on the home front. My husband on the other hand is enjoying all points of direction. He has hit all weather extremes in the process. We did have a sighting of him over the weekend. He was home for a day and a half only to fly out in the early morning hours on Monday. Most importantly, he made it home for the Super Bowl and we enjoyed being together at our dear friends annual party.
For the most part I don't mind his traveling. During the week I'm busy with daily routines, work, household tasks and such. Truth be told, I sometimes even enjoy it. I think you need to be a military wife to really understand that thought process. We (as in spouses) are in some ways trained to be very independent individuals so that when we are alone, we function and prospered rather than shrivel up and become non~existent. I don't know how better to explain this, it's come after many years of being a single married gal ~ how's that for confusing?
Since my husband has been gone I've rearranged the furniture ( this something I always seem to do when he is gone and never when he is home. He comments on this often and has become an on going joke between us), purchased paint to repaint the half bath, made girlie dinners, chatted with a few girlfriends on the phone, watched a movie I wanted to watch, taken a long hot bath, and have been in bed by 9:30 so that I can snuggle in with a good book. There are some benefits to husband's traveling ~ it's all about perspective!

My husband gave me the tulips during his visit. They are a sneek peek into spring. A lovely thought as it is currently snowing outside!

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Rae said...

I love tulips! Yours are so pretty!! I too enjoy the time when DK is traveling on business. When he left the Navy I had a hard time getting used to him being home! It just didn't seem natural!!!

Rachael said...

I can totally relate to this!

I am the wife of a military pilot and we have had some very long separations, especially after 9/11 and Iraq when he was on active duty. You just learn to take care of yourself and the does make you independent. It's funny how most military wives are like this, and during the war when we lived on base, the wives all just kind of took care of each other.

Now he is in the Air National Guard, and does not deploy anymore. He takes little trips here and there and I look forward to having a little time to myself when he does. I love to get in bed early and read too, not have to cook huge dinners, and do small projects that I save for when he leaves:-)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I also love tulips....and they are beautiful!!

It is all about perspective and it sounds like you make the most of your time alone!

Enjoy the rest of your week:)


Lori said...

I like your attitude. I agree. My husband is traveling this week, something that doesn't happen often, but I always enjoy the time and seem to be quite productive.....or completely lazy. hahaa
Love the tulips and also your new header, beautiful!!

Sandy Toes said...

Very pretty tulips....great outlook!
-sandy toe

Felicia said...

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do. Love your header and I love, love your new do...such a cute and sassy cut :)

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