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Monday, May 25, 2009 |
What is a gal to do when her husband is about to leave for a few months, she is in over her head with end of the year school projects {in a non air conditioned classroom I might add}, the "to do" list is so long she can't find the end, the laundry has become a full time job and no one else seems to be qualified except her and the organized piles are beginning to take on a personality of their own?
The answer is ...

build a squash and pumpkin patch in your backyard, of course!
Yep, that's what I've been working on this weekend. It's actually larger than it looks {believe me, my arms and legs have been expressing their excitement over my fabulous weekend project} and I'm looking forward to my fall goodies.
Hope you are all having a relaxing and enjoyable
Memorial Day!
~ Jo

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Lisa said...

That's what I would do!
Now you have me wondering...why everytime Barkley leaves town I dig something up, tear something out, replace, and for sure re-arrange!
Hope you enjoy the rest of this weekend...and get some AC soon!

Petunia said...

Can't wait to see your pumpkins in the Fall!

The Graves' House said...

i bet that got your mind off all those other things huh? can't wait to see the end results this fall.

Melissa Miller said...

That sounds neat Jo!
I'm sorry your hubby is leaving town.
That's no fun.

Happy Memorial Day!
~Melissa :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It will be worth all that sweat and hard work this fall when you see those pretty pumpkins!!

Have a great week....try to stay cool!


carolinagirl said...

You need to keep the photos of your patch coming...I cannot wait to follow its progress!

Sue said...

You'll be sending us your excess squash soon enough, won't you? Don't forget to document the growing process. You're undertaking something I could never do- grow things! I tried tomatoes once. All I cultivated was those big ugly green worms that ate every tomato that was on the vines. ICK

Jeni said...

Good luck to you to Jo while your hubby is away.

You will have to show us the pumpkin patch in the fall again...I bet it will be beautiful!

No AC!?!?

EntertainingMom said...

How wonderful! The kids actually do this at school and have great success.

I can't believe you are talking about AC... I am freezing my little derriere off today!

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