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~ Tassel Giveaway ~
As promised, I am featuring my very first giveaway!
The guidelines are very simple
{would hate to confuse myself and that is oh so easy to do!}
Each of the following constitutes 1 entry
1. Tell me which tassel you like and where you would place it in your home.
2. Become a follower {you wouldn't want to miss any additions to my Etsy shop}
3. Blog about this giveaway on your Blog

*click on the picture to enlarge*

The top left is a cute pink finial with light pinks and pink and yellow ribbon

The top right is a bright red adirondack chair done in reds and whites

The bottom left is a beautiful shell in gold and soft blue

The nest on the right is in off whites.

Good luck ~ the giveaway ends next Wednesday, August 12th!


*I'm listing new tassels in my Etsy shop this week so take peek.

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preppyinnewengland said...

So, so fav is the shell tassle and I would put it in my guestroom painted a sea blue with white trim. Would look great!
Thank you for hosting!

Cathy said...

Oh what fun!!! I love them all!!! I think I would choose the shell tassel and use it in my upstairs living room!!! We are huge beach lovers at my house and I think everyone would love this tassel!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

annechovie said...

I am now a follower, Jo! ;+)

Family Life said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Because you did, I found yours and I love it and am now following.

I hope you follow me too, though I'm not nearly as crafty as you. My craft things are simple and easy - anybody can do them type crafts. I am starting to machine sew though and doing pretty well, I believe.

Your tassels are beautiful. I love the pink one, perfect for my daughter's pink room...or the seashell one, perfect for my Florida room that's painted a cool light blue.

Have a fabulous day!

Preppy Mama said...

Oh so cute!! Too hard to pick!!!
I love the pink one which would look perfect in my room and the red adirondack chair would look adorable in the boys bathroom!!

Oh, I'm a follower too!!!

carolinagirl said...

Hi there! I am already a follower!!! Since we are in the process of buying a beach condo, my choice would be the lovely seashell tassel!! They are all great though!!!

Sandy Toes said...

Oh so pretty....I love the red chair one!

I have been a follower:)
sandy toe

K said...

They are so beautiful! Quite honestly, if I won I would love the pink one - I'm in the process of decorating my sweet 3 year old's bedroom and she's loving anything pretty, pink or purple! Your tassels are beautiful!

breanne said...

I love the nest one!!! Even though I'm terrified of birds I do love anything birdy related in my home:) This would be oh so cute hanging from a lamp in my living room...or in my dining room...or in my kitchen. Wow, if I win how ever will I decide where to put it?!?! Thanks for hosting!

Laura said...

What a great giveaway and thank you for visiting my blog. I am now a follower- so please count me in.


Pinot after Playdates said...

thanks for stopping by! Love your blog too, you are very talented!

dctm said...

I love the nest tassle. This would look so perfect in my dining room.
dctm at bellsouth dot net

Right Here in This Moment said...

I would pick the pink on and put in my 9 years old girls new room. Just her colors.
I am a follower and I love your work!

Melissa Miller said...

Jo you are so talented!

I'm so excited about your lovely giveaway! You know what a fan I am of tassels. Hmmm...I would have to say the sweet little nest is my favorite and I would hang on a twist lamp in our master bedroom. It's gorgeous! I'm also a follower and will mention about your giveaway when I post tomorrow. ~Whew!

Thank you for the sweet B-day wishes! You're the best! :)

Melissa Miller said...

I could not resist buying the precious swan! I love it Jo!
I'll also add the double set to my buffet lamps.

Thanks for making such beautiful tassels for us. ~Melissa :)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

OH....the shell one please. I think I was already a follower but if not, I am DEFINITELY a follower now (could be I'm following twice..who knows...the more the better.)

Sue said...

Hi Jo, What pretty tassels! My favorite is the little nest because it would go so well in my guest room which has a bird nest, eggs theme. What a great give-away- thanks loads! I'm a follower, too..
:-) Sue

Lisa said...

I love your tassles!! One of my favorites is the nest in off pretty!! I would put this beauty on a lamp in my living room. Thank you for the chance :)

The Grange Market said...

Love the shell tassel - it would look fabulous in my bedroom :)

I'm "hearting" your shop on Etsy - I'm ParkwoodCottage there.


The Grange Market said...

Adding myself as a follower.


(I'm logged into my mother's blog - sorry for the confusion!)

Lisa @ ParkwoodCottage

LuLu said...

I love your tassles! They are all just beautiful and would look wonderful adorned on anything,
have a great weekend,

robin_titan said...

I love the red chair one, it's adorable! I'd give it to my sister as a gift. I'm sure she'd put it on one of her many doors haha :)

A Bushel and Peck and Pigtails Paper Trails said...

I love tassels and will be checking yours out! Thanks

Queen B. said...

I will say SHELL since I live at the beach !!!!

Lori said...

Oh I want to enter your giveaway!!
My fav is the NEST and it would be perfect hanging on the chest in our foyer!!
I'm already a follower and although I'm not blogging right now, this just about makes me want to start again! lol I am going to include you on a future Etsy post I'm doing though if that counts! :)
I hope you do well at the Art Fest and that it's the start of many exciting things!! :)

marty39 said...

Oh my, what pretty tassels. I love them all, but I think the shell one is by far my favorite. Great to find your blog. Good luck on the etsy shop. Hugs, Marty

Draffin Bears said...

What a lovely blog and love your name,
two things that are dear to my heart.
Your tassles are really lovely.


Bellamere Cottage said...

Congrats on your sale! And, I love the PINK tassel...isn't it a happy little gal?? :-)


Rambling Girl said...

Just happen to come onto your page....Always in search of new friends to visit.

Oh and the pink tassel would look so cute in my little ones room...we have it all pink and purple and this would look so cute on her curtain.

Going add you to my friends and be back often to visit.

Rambling Girl said...

oops forgot to say I am a follower to read some more of your blog.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a great giveaway!! They are all beautiful, but I would love the pink one for Miss Sarah's would look wonderful in there:)


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