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In our home we feel it's important to maintenance, maintain and fix items so that they are always in working order to the best of their abilities and when they break, replace them.
So far this year we have ...
Updated our kitchen appliances with more energy efficient replacements
Put new tires on my Denali so that our family is safe on the highways
Continued with regular oil changes and maintenance programs for all of our vehicles
Replaced our water tank {the big blue thing in the basement}
Had the septic thing cleaned ~ made sure I wasn't around for that one!
The chimney cleaned
{you get the picture}
In the spirit of keeping things running and in order this summer I've focused on myself as well. Each morning {rain or shine} I've walked/jogged in Mystic. I've found the perfect area that offers a variety of terrain. It also offers beautiful scenery along the way. Even on the worst of days, there is always something that catches my attention.
Once school starts my goal is to pack my gear, change at school, walk/jog, then come home to my family. Other than my allergies, I've felt really good this summer. I've lost some weight and toned up!
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The array of sailboats are from the sailing lessons that take place each morning. The homes are summer homes that will very shortly be closed up for the season. I just love the shade of blue on the door ~ so relaxing.
In keeping with my "maintenance plan", I'm going to the spa next week and signing up for a yoga class!

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JMW said...

What amazing scenery to excercise to - I'm jealous! And good for you for doing all of those things for your home and family, and now for you. I just started yoga as well and I'm really enjoying it. Good luck with it!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh goodness...I need to get moving ASAP! That's awaesome!

~Blessings to you for a great weekend, ~Melissa :)

Draffin Bears said...

Good feeling having everything around the home in ship shape order.
I am there with you about the cleaning of the septic tank, you need to go out on that day and warn all you neighbours.
It must be a beautiful place to exercise, there.

Enjoy your weekend

Petunia said...

Mystic is so beautiful! A few years ago I asked hubby if we could move to Marblehead because it was so gorgeous in the summer. Anyway--he said NO!
I love your area of the country, although I would surely freeze to death in winter.

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