Monday, November 23, 2009 |
It's been a long, long day!

It's been raining all day and it's cold. The damp cold that gets into your bones.
{do I sound like I'm 80?}
I ran a few errands after school ~ not a good choice! The stores are insanely busy. I only needed a few items and it took twice as long as normal to check out.
Right on cue, it began down pouring as I left the store.
I, of course, left my umbrella in my SUV.
I finally arrived home after 6pm to find my husband laying on the couch.
Upon the initial gaze, I knew this wasn't a good sign.
When I found out he had been home since 4pm I knew we were doomed.
My husband has never seen the inside of our home at that time on a work day.
He's got "the cold"
I'm the one being blamed ~ he's probably right, we have a germfest going on in my school.
I know you're all jealous!

I made the only logical choice:I poured myself a glass of Merlot and changed into my pajamas!
Once the necessities were taken care of, I began dinner.
I whipped up Chicken breasts with portabella mushrooms, petite diced tomatoes, garlic with a gorgonzola sauce on top. This was served over Trader Joe's perline pasta.
Just what the doctor ordered on a chilly damp New England night.
I'm heading off to the family room to read my Traditional Home magazine that just arrived in front of the fire.
Hope you're enjoying a cozy evening!

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Audra said...

Yummo! No rain here in Arizona, I think it was 85 today. I keep waiting for the fall weather, maybe it forgot us. Maybe winter will head this way.

Too bad about the hubby, R & R for sure. Take care of yourself as well.

Happy Monday.

Suburban Princess said...

Wow that sounds yummy!
Hope hubby is better soon!

EntertainingMom said...

Now Jo, that sounds like a Perfect night to me!

Henley on the Horn said...

Wow! You just whipped up something fantastic! Mind if I come over to sit in front of the fire?

Melissa Miller said...

~Ah is right Jo! It does sound cozy and your meal looks delish!

Happy Thanksgiving! ~Melissa :)

annechovie said...

Looks beyond delicious, Jo! Hope that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family. xo

bevysblog said...

Sounds like the evening I had last Friday... those nights are the best!

Love following a cute fellow teacher's blog!

CarolinaGirl said...

Yummy! I hope your sweet hubby feels better very soon, and have a great Turkey Day! Have fun tomorrow at your class Feast :)

Sandy Toes @ Shell in your Pocket said...

Reading this post makes me want to go to get my pj's on!
sandy toe

prashant said...

I keep waiting for the fall weather, maybe it forgot us. Maybe winter will head this way.

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