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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 |
The W********g Annual Oktoberfest

I look forward to this every year. It's grown in size over the years to welcome new friends and neighbors. There is nothing better than a crisp fall evening filled with great friends and good food.

These photos are from a few years ago. I cannot seem to locate the pictures I took last year. It must be the computer because we all know I'm a tech wizard! :)


I made the vine arbor for our front door and back patio french door a few years back. It is strung with white lights and as the season nears, I {read my husband} pulls them down from the garage attic and I decorate them with some of autumns natural beauty.

402732034_appetizer 3

One of the many appetizers I made.

These delicious bites are mini meatballs filled with herbed goat cheese and accompanied with a dipping sauce.

The baby jack pumpkins are hollowed out and filled with different mustards for the sausages we serve.

I begin searching for recipes and planning the menu in late August before the craziness of school and fall activities begin.

402752839_friend 1

Our home is filled both indoors and outdoors with dear friends. To be honest, it's like Christmas only better!

402761911_Nick and Mom in the kitchen

Do you remember when I told you how wonderful it is to have an assistant? Here he is taking over for me. The glass of wine in my hand sort of cancels out the effectiveness of my apron as I'm no longer actually cooking.

Thank again Nicholas!

402732166_appetizer 1

Spicy chicken filled wontons ~ very yummy.

402770650_sausages and sauerkraut

Hot off the grill.

Each year I make two different soups and my husband grills a variety of sausages. As "fillers" I make any where from 10 to 15 different appetizers. I always warn our guests not to eat a few days prior to the date.

402744827_autum galette

I really need to share this one with you. It's a caramelized onion, pear and blue cheese galette. Not only is it insanely good but it's oh so easy to put together.

402740695_appetizer 4

I love to turn gourds and squash into serving pieces. This is an acorn squash that I hollowed out, put in the oven to warm and used as a vessel for a warm dip.

402732147_appetizer 2

An Oktoberfest staple ~ bierrocks

402773795_with boz

Our guests wanted to meet Bozley {he was just a pup back then} so Nicholas brought him down to meet and greet. I guess it will be Bentley's turn this year.

402762232_outside 1

A quick shot of our patio as our guests were arriving.

I've been busy {hence the lack of real posts} working on all the details for this years Oktoberfest. I've been flying solo as my husband has been touring the West Coast.

As of date I've accomplished ...

*Made and sent the invitations
*Decided on our soups
*Appetizer menu created
*Grocery list for event completed
*Ordered the paper goods
*Package store {that's what we call liquor stores on the East Coast} order placed
*Making and freezing a few of the appetizers.

I'll show you a few of the other things I'm working on when they are completed.

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Suburban Princess said...

Ok first off...you have the skin of a 10 year old! Beautiful!!!!!! I am having serious derm-envy!

Your party looks like so much fun! You are an amazing hostess!

Would you be willing to share the spicy chicken filled wontons recipe :O) Pweeeese :O)

French Basketeer.com said...

I was worried that you might have the keggers out back, but then I spied the wine glass! Yay! The party looks absolutely fantastic and of course I love the decor!

pink green & southern said...

WOW! My mouth is watering! Everything looks so lovely, especially your front door. And the pics are so lovely too!

Kathy said...

Can't wait to see this years festivities!
Your food was amazing....
So are you!
Happy entertaing ...
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

What a wonderful Oktoberfest Party you put on. Love all the food and the way you have served the dips in the pumpkins.
Your front door looks so inviting and good luck with the rest of the organizing.

Happy rest of the week

Kathy said...

Jo, the vine above your door is beautiful. I can't imagine the hours you must spend preparing the food for this! I'd love to pop in and sample some of those dishes! Looking forward to attending this year's bash via your blog.
Happy planning!

Pink Martini said...

Oh Jo! Your photos of your party are incredible! I could smell every tasty morsel as I scrolled down. You are seriously a photo pro as well as a master cook. Melt my heart with your sous chef lending a hand. What time do you want me there? :) xoxo

Telia said...

Just one question JO..where's my invitation?? I haven't received it yet! (hahahaha)

This looks like a fab event. Thank you for sharing it with us. I bet your neighbors can't wait for such a fun party to attend!

Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

Tessa said...

You know how to throw a party! Wish I was invited! :) The food looks delish and your home looks so warm and cozy. Please share some of those recipes! :)

Lisa said...

Wait, I thought I was reading Living magazine! Oh that's right, I'm at your house where you really know how to bring friends and family together in great style! I don't know how you teach & entertain like you do.
Wonderful post.

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

the only thing missing from your list is "invite kate to the shindig!" dang lady, you know how to throw a party! this looks like a wonderful tradition and i can't wait for you to share some of those yummy recipes with us! xoxo

pretty pink tulips said...

Are you kidding me?! This is amazing! Better than any party pics I've seen in all the magazines! Love the lit arbor over your door. What a beacon of welcome. And that food! And you're darling son! Your friends must think they are the luckiest people in the world!

lpwmarsh said...

Would you please post this recipe?
Thank you so much
It's a caramelized onion, pear and blue cheese galette.

Wendy said...

Looks like a wonderful night, delicious food and good friends! Makes for a perfect combination! Your patio looks beautiful!

bullie_mama said...

Yes, please post recipes, MUST make that galette and your warm dip looked to.die.for. Almost as to.die.for as that cute Bozley as a puppy poo!
Give them kisses from me and the Weez!

JMW said...

I am SOOO glad I read this post! We are doing a similar party as a housewarming and I've been torn on what to do. Do we have it catered (we were thinking barbecue, but the more I think of it, that feels like a summer meal)? Do I try to make dinner? Our party is Oct. 9, so time is ticking. I like the idea that your froze your appetizers. I may e-mail you for more details!

Rene said...

Jo, I love the way you added lights to your vines. I'm doing that! We put them up one year for Christmas, but I think it would work year round. How is your son's school year going?

Thanks for joining "falling up" party.

Privet and Holly said...

Move over, Martha,
there's a new girl
in town and her name
is JO! Wowzer, that is
some shindig. I love
all of the details and
the heart that you put
into the event is probably
what shines through and
makes it a gathering that
your friends want to be
invited to each year!
Love your assistant and
sweet pup, too! Good luck
with bringing it all
together ~ it's going to
be wonderful.
xx Suzanne

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Oh my goodness, everything is just amazing! Just a heads up, I'm coming to your party this year! :) All of your food looks absolutely delicious! Those chicken wontons look amazing and don't even get me started about the bierrocks! YUM!

LuLu said...

This is a party i would be anticipating all year round! Oh my goodness it all looks and sounds fabulously dilicious!! Love your decor!!!I want all the recipes!!!

sarah said...

Amazing and inspiring photos. Wonder if I could pull off the vine arbor for above my front door? Hmm..

bevy said...

That is just about the warmest and most most hospitable paddy I have ever seen. You are the consummate hostess! Would you mind posting some of the recipes? And the pics of you... You look so lovely and RELAXED!

Sue said...

Jo, Your guests will be treated to one really nice party, based on seeing last year's shindig. I love to entertain like this- I wish I was invited to more parties like the ones I host! LOL
You are one gorgeous gal and your son must turn some heads, as well. Happy planning- and make sure you share that recipe with us! :-)
~ Sue

Manuela@TPOH said...

What a fun idea! I'd love to do something like this with my neighbors. The little stuffed meatballs sound so delish!


Pemberley said...

This post has inspired me to do a similar gathering. Well done and I love the idea of the dips inside the gourds. Makes washing up even easier.

I was looking for your email because you are the winner of the wreath giveaway!! Please contact me at amy@pemberleycollections.com with your full name, address and which wreath you prefer.


annechovie said...

Wow, Jo! I am impressed - what a delicious menu and warm, inviting atmosphere. Your guests are so lucky! xo

Sarah - Citified Country Girl said...

Now this is a party I would like to be invited to! The food looks great.

Travelbugmom said...

I love this post! What fun! Everything looks so awesome and just loved how you captured it in the photos. How great you look! Can't wait to be updated about this year!

Wanda said...

So...I guess the mail is slow? (lol)

What a marvelous tradition. All your dishes and decor touches and the warmth and love you obviously put into this wonderful gathering just makes my heart smile.

I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more of this year's festivity. Thank you for sharing!

EntertainingMom said...

Jo I love your party, your food, and all your fabulous photos! Was my invitation lost in the mail???
eh-em ;)

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