Boxwood Wreath

Monday, December 12, 2011 |

I was going to order a couple of boxwood wreaths when I realized ....

~We have boxwoods in our yard

~I know how to make a wreath

~It takes very little time to make one

~I could spend the money on something else {that I really want}

so, a crafting I went.

I love the little corner cabinet in my kitchen with the glass front. She just needed a little something, something to dress up for the holidays ~ enter the wreath idea.

Boxwood Wreath 002

My boxwood gathered and secured into small bundles.

Boxwood Wreath 004

Add the bundles by over lapping as you go along.

Boxwood Wreath 007

All finished and pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

Boxwood Wreath 012

I love this ribbon. I wish I had purchased all they had in stock when I found it last year. It has just the right touch without being over the top.

Boxwood Wreath 013

On display ~ just what I was looking for to add a little Christmas cheer to my kitchen.

Boxwood Wreath 016

It's simple, homemade, and just the perfect touch.
Not to mention that it brings a smile to my face :)

Merry, merry!

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Heidi said...

It's beautiful! You made it look so easy!

The Entertaining House said...

and, it's beautiful!!!

René said...

Perfect! I love boxwood!

Suburban Princess said...

Beautiful! Keep this up and you will have a Christmas job making them for your whole town!

Lauren said...

So, so pretty! I love fresh, natural elements!

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! Can you come to my house! I've been wanting one too :)

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

The wreath is fabulous! Love it. And oh my! I've don't remember seeing your tile back splash before! Gorgeous!

Lulu and Co. said...

Perfectly wonderful!!!!

French said...

Perfect wreath, Jo! I made an XL one two years ago and now that's all my Mom wants on the door. Love that you made not bought!

Kathy said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad that you're back! Just got your card today ~ it's lovely.

Merry Christmas!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Perfect! I'm so glad you are back! I visited and you weren't around anymore and I was getting a little concerned. Whew! I know you must be looking forward to having everyone back home again if they aren't already. :)

JMW said...

What a great job - I love it!

Sue said...

Jo- You're brave! If I had to go out and trim my boxwoods, they would be teeny tiny! lol Instead, I found a lady who makes square ones for me. I justified the $17 expense by saying I would have no bushes left! Yours definitely turned out nice and I ♥ your ribbon, too. Christmas Hugs, Sue

Magnolia Blues said...

Oh wow! It's gorgeous. You did an amazing job. I've always wanted to make one out of magnolia leaves. Now that I have two magnolia trees I'll have to teach myself.

Your fan,

JMW said...

Looks delicious and sounds like such a fun event. Cheers to you for not giving into the stress and making it low-key.

Lori said...

Beautiful Jo, it looks lovely and I can totally see why it brings a smile to your face!
Can I go ahead and place my order for next Christmas now?!

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