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Sunday, December 18, 2011 |
I've been looking forward to this afternoon all season. This afternoon was my annual Cookie Exchange. It's always such a fun afternoon. I get to catch up with friends and neighbors, eat girlie finger foods, and in the end, I have an amazing platter of cookies to enjoy ~ yum!

I made chocolate covered cherry cookies for the exchange this year.

Picnik collage

In keeping with my "low key" holidays, I didn't go overboard on the menu. No one seemed to notice and for the first time in years, I wasn't stressed. What a joy, I should have done this years ago.

Picnik collage

I'm really blessed to have such a great circle of friends. Each of these wonderful women have such amazing talents. There is never a quiet moment when we are together.

Picnik collage

My sweet friend and neighbor grabbed a few shots of me while filling my platter. She's a wife and mom too! {aka always behind the camera and never in a photo! :) } 

Our week ahead is going to be a crazy one and that's putting it nicely. We are in school until the bitter end :) I'm in charge of putting on our staff breakfast, we have have two parties to attend, and somewhere in all my (nonexistent) free time I need to squeeze in last minute shopping and prepping for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Is it too late to hire an assistant?

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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Wow, you have a lot on your plate and not just cookies! Have fun at all of your holiday events. A cookie exchange is such a great idea. So nice of you to host it each year. I am sure all of your friends look forward to it each year.
Merry Christmas!

Suburban Princess said...

You are always so gorgeous! You should be in more photos!

My neighbour is a teacher and she is at school until 4pm on the 23rd! Yikes!

I think everyone is having a low-key Christmas this year. I also feel much more relaxed about the whole thing and am way ahead of the game. I had no idea a tree could be decorated in less than an hour! But I skipped most of the ornaments and had it done in no time!

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! Some people brought amazing cookies to your exchange!Not so much to mine!

Sue said...

Sure wish I could have attended a cookie exchange- I do love me some sweets! Just seemed that everyone was too busy. Maybe a nice party AFTER all the hustle and bustle is in order. LOL Oh wait, the diet is supposed to start then!

Kathy said...

That's my kind of party! (As I'm knee deep in cookie dough over here...) :) It looks wonderful! And good for you for simplifying the menu. Isn't it amazing how much stress we put on ourselves unnecessarily?

Hope you are able to tie up all your loose ends and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Looking forward to catching up with you on the other side. In the meantime, have a blessed Christmas!!!

Heidi said...

Absolutely beautiful! Me-me, I want to be your assistant! Your Christmas decorations and goodies are absolutely magazine BEAUTIFUL!! Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

Your cookies look delicious! I made those chocolate-cherry ones a few years ago as gifts and friends went nuts!
What a wonderful evening with friends, I hope you're getting everything done. I hope I get everything done. lol

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