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Monday, March 5, 2012 |
We began a weekly tradition of Friday night pizza when my son began elementary school. It was often enjoyed in conjunction with a movie. When we lived in Michigan, we had a group of great friends that gathered at the end of each week. It was something to look forward to and kicked off the weekend. I cherish those memories.

Friday night was greeted with homemade pizza. I love the flavors of Greek pizza ~ yum! To appease those that feel the need to have meat on their pizza, I made a spicy sausage pie.

Weekend life 016

Saturday morning brought my normal run around routine. I'm really feeling like my weekends are in a rut if you will. I spend the better part of the day dashing from one store to the other preparing for the upcoming week. This particular Saturday was no different. I donned my new favorite boyfriend jeans and flats. It's really beginning to feel like spring {for the north} around here. Yay!

Nick and My Weekend 012

Since I'm out and about for several hours, I need a snack {lunch} to keep up my stamina.

  Nick and My Weekend 010

I do allow myself a little reward for all my hard work keeping my family healthy and home in order :) Yes, I'll say just about anything to justify spending almost $5. on coffee. 
It's ridiculous! Nick and My Weekend 022

It was the perfect weather to break in my Christmas gift from my son. It was warm(ish) with a light rain. I thought I'd snap a quick photo to send off to Nicholas modeling my jacket he gave me. Why is it that something that should be so SIMPLE turns into a major project for me?! Ugh! I will admit that when I went through these photos, they provided a good laugh. There were many more but I'll spare you the pain :)

Thanks Nicholas!
I love my jacket and you're right ... it's exactly what I needed ;)
  Nick and My Weekend 021 Nick and My Weekend 019 Nick and My Weekend 020

After visiting many stores, shops, and markets ... why can't someone invent a one stop shopping mart that carries everything I need? ... I returned home with my goodies. My favorite purchase were the flowers from Trader Joe's! Not only is their selection fabulous but the prices are amazing!
  Nick and My Weekend 026

Feeling a little crafty and desiring some bright colors with some seasonal changes, I made a new front door basket and a sign for St. Patrick's Day.

  Nick and My Weekend 041

Nick and My Weekend 047

I do try to keep up with my home during the week but, it never fails, by the weekend it too needs my attention. 

I took this one quickly as I was walking out the door. No, we don't keep the ottoman in the middle of floor but Bentley prefers it in this spot and moves it when we're not looking. He's a tricky one!

  Nick and My Weekend 006

He looks innocent enough but don't be fooled! :) 

I had to laugh at his "smile" when I snapped this photo of him. I think he was really begging me to take him with me on my weekly tour of the city.

Nick and My Weekend 005

The new week is in full swing and I'm off and running. How do you streamline your weekends? I'm open for suggestions!

Hope yours is going to a be a great one!

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Blondie's Journal said...

First off...your pizza night sounds like so much fun! I have to try the Greek Pizza! Secondly, you look wonderful in the pictures! What a pretty smile you have!

I am lucky that I have all week to get my running around done and the weekends are slow and I do whatever I want. Usually hubby and I go out and explore...shop, get a bit to eat, just have fun!

Pop on over, I am having a giveaway!


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Yummy on the pizza! We always had pizza night growing up. I've tried to carry on that tradition with my own kids but sometimes life gets in the way. They could eat pizza every night of the week!
Like Jane, I'm having a giveaway too! Come check it out!

Suburban Princess said...

I have those same leopard flats! Actually a couple of pairs lol!

Sounds like a busy weekend! I have a terrible time taking my own photo too - I realised everyone looks serious in them because it's so hard to look normal and take the photo!

pam {simple details} said...

We love pizza night at our house, we need a regular schedule!

You are so darn cute! Your photos made me giggle, I've tried to take some of my outfits, it's hilarious! Maybe if I cut my head off!

The Other Me Is Sane said...

You just can't turn down that darling face, right? Enjoyed your post and seeing your little pal especially.

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

I love your shopping bags and the door hanging. That green ribbon is so luxurious. What a sweet boy to give you a jacket. Must be like having a hug from him while he's at school. :)

Privet and Holly said...

Girlie, you had me
laughing out loud
with Bentley's smile!
So funny that he has
"his" ottoman. Our
dog also claims one
as her own, in addition
to the top of the back
cushion on the couch.

The last time I made
homemade pizza it was
a mess. I so want to
master it at home so I
can make the gourmet
pizzas with arugula, etc.
and not the Domino's
standard fare!

As to streamlining....hmmm..
I try to have "errand days"
as I don't enjoy doing them,
very much. Git 'er done in
one stretch. Still, I seem to
be running to the grocery
nearly every day. Luckily,
we have one close by : )

Thanks for the smile. You
are gorgeous, btw!

xx Suzanne

Kathy said...

I love that Bentley moves the ottoman. :) And of course you know what I think about your shoes!

Streamlining? What's that? If you figure it out, let me know! I'm all over the place as well.

Fun to see a glimpse into your weekend!

Kathleen said...


So happy you are posting again! I love your flats (where can I buy them?) and your shopping bags,too. I hope they are are from stores we have here....it's not easy! Thanks, Kathleen

PS Bentley is so handsome. Jon missed the 'boys'.


Lauren said...

Oh...just love all your SPRING!
Love Friday nites...hot dog/ice cream stands in spring/summer/fall...pizza in winter!
How can you go wrong with boyfriend jeans and leopard?! ~swoon~!!!!
Your kitchen backsplash is beautiful! Oh my goodness! I want!
And your sweet puppy...that smile! Oh hugs to him!

Have a wonderful weekend! I am going to get out some spring decor today! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lulu and Co. said...

Friday night is pizza night in our home too and i would love a slice of greek pizza please! oh my it looks absolutely delicious! and your shoes are the cutest!!!!
Your flowers are gorgeous Trader Joes is the best i wish ours was closer!
wishing you a great weekend,

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

Friday night for my family is often home made pizzas for dinner.
I enjoyed seeing your lovely photographs and yes, you look fabulous in your jeans and cute shoes.
Also the jacket is lovely, will be good for walking the dogs. I have one similar that I used to wear when I used to walk our dog.
The tulips are pretty and I love the St Patrick's decorating.

Have a wonderful new week

Magnolia Blues said...

We could be sisters. We also have a Friday night pizza tradition. I just purchased Tulips and we have the same shoes. I wear them with my boyfriend jeans too!!!

I was about to post a picture of my Tulips but blogger is acting up and I can't post pictures at the moment. Maybe the server is too busy. But when I came over to visit I was laughing at all the similarities. Jo, you must be my soul sister. :)

Your sista,

Lori said...

You're so cute. :) Love your weekend update...the flowers, the flats, oooh that dog, all so cute!
Hope you're (or at least were?) enjoying Spring!

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