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Thursday, September 4, 2008 |
Our family is so lucky to have good people in our lives. We have many friends that we enjoy sharing our lives with. One bonus of being in a military family, is the ability to meet so many people from different walks of life. I've had the pleasure over the years of meeting people from almost every state in the United States.
Over the holiday weekend we had our friends over that are to the core, good people. What you see is what you get.
Our neighbors across the street from us are amazing! It never fails, the minute my husband leaves, something breaks. It worked perfectly fine until he pulled out of the state. This summer it was the riding lawn mower, and burrowing bees (that was a lot of fun!). Last winter it was the snow blower and so on, you get the idea. Without a second thought, our neighbor is walking up the drive asking what is wrong and the options available to fix or replace. His wife is just as sweet.
We had two other families here as well. They are both military families. My dear friend's husband is currently deployed. They have two adorable sons that make me giggle each time I see them. I can do this because I've already lived (and survived) these stages in children. We have so much in common and truly enjoy just spending time together. She would go to any length to help me if I were in need and the same is true on my part.
Our other friends have children closer in age to ours. I must admit when my hands are in the air, I call this friend. She is a good woman with such a calm soul. I am slightly on the other side of the spectrum. : ) Within minutes she has me calm, level headed and ready to handle the situation. Our husbands get along wonderfully and have much in common.
When we are with these families, we can relax and just be us.
They are good people, what you see is what you get.
Last Sunday we had them all over to our home. What a fabulous way to end the summer.
I cooked a turkey on the grill. We stuff it with fresh herbs and baste it in herb butter and beer or wine. If you've never had a turkey this way, you really should try it.
As the sun went down we had a fire and of course, smores.
My favorite is chocolate graham crackers, white chocolate and blackberry preserves ~ yummy!

It was a lovely day with dear friends!

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Petunia said...

You are so lucky to have wonderful neighbors that are friends as well!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thank God for good friends like that! What would we do without them?

Sandy Toes said...

We moved this past year and I moved from all my dear friends. I had the best neighbors who were also close friends. Many times they were there to help, support or just spend time together.

Cherish every moment...what a blessing!

-Sandy Toes

Far From Perfect said...

I'm sure it helps both being in the military. I would have loved to have had a girlfriend close who's husband was in the miltary. Deployment wasn't too easy for me..

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