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I function much better when I have an established routine. One that that is followed daily or weekly. If this comfortable balance is shifted, I find that I can't concentrate or focus let alone accomplish tasks at hand. This is not to say that I fall apart and need therapy (well, maybe but just a little).
This school year is completely different for me, it is unlike any that I've had for the past 13 years. My son started his freshman year at UNC. He is my early riser (yes, I know, odd for a boy) and seemed to get the family moving in the morning. You could hear him singing in the shower, razzing his sister, then thumping down the stairs for breakfast. If he was in a really good mood, he'd start the coffee for my husband and I. When he and his sister left for school he'd yell up the stairs bye mom, have fun with your kids today.
I SO miss that!
It's much quieter around here now. Rather than sharing the days "drama" with her brother on the ride home, I've become the listening ear. I use to just get the highlights by the time I got home. This was the shorter version lasting only 45min to an hour. You know us girls, we can't leave a single detail out, and if we do, we must began again! Now I get every painful detail which sees us through prepping for dinner, through the meal and possibly the clean up as well. What's really funny (in a not so funny way) is the fact that what my teenage daughter is dealing with in high school, is some of the same nonsense that I hear from teachers that I work with, and they are adults! I've noticed that my daughter seems to be going through something of the same as I am. She has commented on how different it is at school and around our home without her brother. I would often find the two of them talking, sharing advice and laughing in the family room watching a show or movie together.
It's taken me much longer than I would have imagined to find my routine, rise out of my funk, and get on with life.
I think I'm back!
School is back in session for me, my daughter has begun her Junior year, my son is happy in North Carolina, and my husband is gearing up for yet another trip.
I have my new daily and weekly routines established, my calendar is in full swing, and finally I feel normal.

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good for you! Sometimes you need to get back into the routine to feel "normal" again. :) I get that, I am the same way. I crave regularity and (sometimes) solitude to get back my equilibrium. Good luck with the beginning of the school year!

Belle said...

We have two things in common...I love routine more than anybody I know. Routine is very comforting for me. The other thing is that we went our son to UNC this year also...he's in law school and just loves living in Chapel Hill. The difference is that our baby, his sister, started her freshman year at Clemson so we have an empty nest. Talk about rocking a routine!!! Whew...things are surely different in our house.

Petunia said...

It must be so hard to have a baby bird leave the nest! Waaaah.

Mary said...

Hi Jo! Thanks for the comment and warm welcome. Not sure if this is the "right" way to reply to you, but I don't quite know all the ins and outs of blooging yet :)

And, by the way, I agree with you. I believe that in all reality, that RR recipe took longer than 30 minutes since I had to prep everything myself. Ha!

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