Monday, December 29, 2008 |
I had to do it ~
*This is another Nicholas original from Christmas, but it best expresses my current feeling.
Once again, I feel the need to express that this is early Christmas morning and only a couple
sips into my cup of coffee!

take the tree down.
I'm not sure what the problem was this year ~ too dry in the house, not enough water, bad year for the type of tree we cut down each year, who knows!

I just couldn't handle the feeling of clutter any longer. At 8:30pm my OCD (diagnosed by my husband) kicked in full blast and the Christmas tree bins came out. I took the tree down, tucked the Nutcrackers away, and a few Santas as well.
There are still decorations around our home, the feel is just a tad lighter

I just felt like I needed some space ~ it's rather hard to explain. I even went light on
the decorations this year.

I enjoyed the Christmas season for the most part, but I always felt like I was running to catch up. It just wasn't as relaxing as I'd hoped ~ everything felt rushed.
I realize that some years are more enjoyable than others.

With that said, I truly enjoyed having my son home from college, decorating cookies with my daughter, my annual cookie exchange that I've hosted for the past 5 years and
as always, a quiet moment with my husband.

Now that a few of our decorations are put away, I feel more relaxed. I'm really looking forward to New Years. Our dear friends are coming over for a quiet and elegant dinner. Our menu is simple but delicious. I'll lite the house with candles and my husband will build a roaring fire. Our glasses will be filled from my favorite vineyard as we toast to a healthy and prosperous new year. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. They really have become our family away from home. I hope they know how very important they are to us.

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am the same way....I have been twitching to put my decor away since my family backed out of the driveway yesterday.....My husband begged me to leave it up one more week.....I am also ready to start the new year!! Your night sounds like it will be just perfect.....Enjoy!!


Kacey said...

I'm getting the same itch to put our Christmas stuff away too!

And your New Year Eve plans sound lovely. As it's my least favorite of all holidays....a quiet night with good friends sounds just perfect to me!!

Sandy Toes said...

OH my I am so with you my friend!!!! I have the same syndrome..Why are the Christmas decorations beautiful before 25th and clutter after???
Hey....I may post this! Thanks for getting my slow mind working!
-sandy toes

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

Sounds like a lovely new year!

Rae said...

ALL of my Christmas decor is gone! Last night I came home from being gone all day and I started running around like a mad woman. I couldn't take it anymore either! :) I haven't even thought about New Year's Eve dinner yet. Better get on that!

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