Sunday, December 21, 2008 |
Snow Day
I so needed this day!
It's the first one of the season and was anticipated with excitement equally shared by
students and teachers alike.
It was all the talk Thursday ~
the weather checked hourly
updates shared
tentative plans of a day off made
dreams of sleeping in
snowmen being built
hot cocoa sipped
and me ....
catching up!
It Arrived As Scheduled
We awoke Friday morning with school cancellations state wide.
I got up at my normally set time, made my lists, and set my course while lingering over my coffee in front of a fire. Ahhh, a little relaxation before I hit the road.
The weatherman promised I had until 1pm before the flakes hit our area.
I was a women on a mission. If you saw a Yukon XL flying down the highway in south eastern Connecticut, that was me!
My Course of Action
*I hit the commissary first before the chicken was sold out. Let me explain ~ for some very strange reason whenever there is a storm, people buy out all the chicken at the commissary. I have no idea why. My question is ... if we lose power, how are they going to cook that chicken? Anyway, I needed some for my soup along with a few other items on my list for this weeks menu.
*Next was Target for those last minute stocking stuffer ideas,
*Home Goods for a cute basket to hold some goodies for my daughter.
*Mystic ~ something fun and unique for a good friend of mine.
*Package store ~ unlike those that need chicken for a storm, I like to be stocked with wine and chocolate (you don't need power to consume these items!)
I was home by 1:15pm and the flakes were just beginning to fly.
The weather man was true to his word ~
Mission Accomplished!

Bozley wasn't so sure of the white stuff covering the ground, this was his first snow. Nick and Shannon took him out to "play" around 6pm.
Thought I should include the small area I shoved ~ the covered entry :)

Our spiral tree looks rather decorative with its winter coating

It finally stopped snowing well into the night. Our children offered to take care of the snow removal. Nick got the snow blower out and did the drive while Shannon did the front walk way. After my initial shock of their offer, I realized it was just an excuse to have a snowball fight and sled down the driveway with the neighborhood teenagers.
I tried to get pictures of the children but it began snowing again and all I got
was snowflakes in the night sky.

A good day was had by all!

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Kacey said...

I love that very first snowfall every just adds a bit of excitement and coziness to the holidays!

And those pictures of the Vanderbilt home in your previous post are amazing...I bet that was so fun! I have a passion for going through old homes like that.

Colleen said...

We are covered in snow too. I'm in the Chicago area and we are expecting more snow this week...I think we have enough for the winter. Thanks for stopping by my blog (the nuthouse). I'm thinking the beard is a college thing LOL It's so cold here in Chicago I'm thinking of growing a beard myself : )

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Here in Michigan, we are getting DUMPED on this year!!! It is currently 7-yes-7 degrees...I am fine with snow, until January, then I am ready for summer again...
Stay warm.
Oh-we bought a whole chicken, too..I don't know why, but whenever they forcast snow, I send my husband out for one...Weird???

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my goodness that is one adorable dog!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sounds like you had a perfect snow day!! Friday was our first too and Nick was sure excited to miss school and have a three day weekend!!

Your home looks beautiful....the snow adds the perfect touch for the holidays!

Merry Christmas!


Carolina Mama said...

Oh Jo, it all sounds so wonderful. The snow looks so pretty and crisp. We do miss out on this fun for sure. And you did it, got all those errands done just in time. Bet you really enjoyed the time off at home. The kids had a 'ball.' :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am so glad for you that you got a day off! :) How great that you got to get some errands done, and got home before the snow started to fly!

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