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Need Your HELP
I'm taking on a new "little" project.
I've always wanted to try to reupholster a piece of furniture.
I don't have a reason.
I guess it's just out of curiosity. It's certainly not because I've got loads of time on my hands.
My husband is not going along with me on this one.
His thought on my grand idea is ... just buy a new one!
{you know he will end up helping me :) }
I'm going to GIVE IT A TRY!
Here's where I need your suggestions ...
input ...
experience ...
and prior knowledge.
I "found" a cute footstool/ ottoman that I want to recover.
It is very basic {and out dated} but is structurally sound.
Where Do I Begin?
All suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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Suburban Princess said...

Can you post a pic of the footstool?

I have updated my dining room chairs...I just took the seat off the chair and cut the fabric, wrapped it over the seat and stapled it down (with a mega stapler from hubby' tool collection).

Martha Stewart has a video of this sort of thing on her website too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I have never done it, and don't think I could if I tried! But...I will cheer you on from the sidelines ;-)

Good Luck!!!!

EntertainingMom said...

never ever done such a thing... but can't wait to watch you do it!!!

Felicia said...

I would google or go to DIY. I know it will turn out beautifully!

Queen Bee said...

I haven't done it myself - yet. I think if the foam is good, you can just change out to a new fabric. You can use a staple gun to attach the new fabric. You can add trim with a glue gun or even add decorative nails for a trim.
Can't wait to see your project!Missy

LuLu said...

Can you show me a picture, I haven't done it but maybe with all our minds we can help you out!

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

I'll be watching because I have a round ottoman that I have been obsessing over, too! I am thinking like on "Runway", when they make their design piece out of muslin on the form first-then cut the fabric from the muslin...forget it, I would never be able to do it!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

I have covered a footstool and it is easy peasy. That is a square one and if it was a round you would just pleat on the back until you come to the end.
You make a paper pattern for the size and then cut out the pattern in fabric.
Then laying out on the top, pull one side to the back and then with a staple gun, tack on the underside.
Make sure the fabric is pulled tightly so there are no puckers.
Then work you way around and then at the end fold the corners, like you were wrapping a parcel and then make sure it is stapled all around.
I hope that this makes sense - email if you need help.

enjoy your weekend and good luck with the recovering.


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm so glad that there are folks with good ideas because I've got NOTHING!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I wish I could help.....but this is one project I have not been brave enough to try myself!!

YOu can do it....I know you can!!

Please post before and after pics....did you pic the fabric yet?



Deidra said...

Good luck! Craftiness is not my gift. In spite of this, however, I try stuff from time to time, only to confirm the fact that craftiness is not my gift. Please post before and afters when you're done! Oh - and I'm sure something on The Nesting Place will give you ideas...just keep clicking her links.

JMW said...

I wish I could say I'm that talented to have attempted such a thing, but alas, I'm not. But, I do know of a local upholsterer who has made quite the business for herself after taking an adult education course in upholstery. She retired early and wanted to take on something new and tried that. Now, many local interior decorators use her for their clients and she's made quite the second career for herself. Have you checked on any classes in your area?

EntertainingMom said...

Why is it that children do not like being sent to their rooms... they have no idea what a privelege it is indeed!

Tracey said...

Hi Jo! Sheesh I wish I could help...but I am not a sewer in any way (soooo wish I were). Good luck and I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

:) T

Melissa Miller said...

Oh I have never done that either Jo. Hmmm...Show us when you do!

I mentioned your Etsy in my new post if you want to check it out.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful SS healthy living and recipe book Jo! I have always admired her and watch her on HSN periodically. You are very thoughtful to have thought to mail it to me. I know it will be a tremendous help.

~Thanks again, ~Melissa :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I say get a staple gun andgo for it!

Lisa said...

Get a good staple gun, long straight pins for pinning and more fabric than you think you will need. Then just go for it & make it your practice piece!
Have fun.

purple pineapple said...

YOu'll be fine - it's really easy. I did a post today on doing it because I think it will be fun to se how many times this little stool of mine gets covered. It's on it's 3rd outfit so far! Just a good staple gun, a large surface to work on and an open mind. Have fuN! and Post pictures!

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