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Friday, June 18, 2010 |
Today was my first full day dedicated to summer. I had a houseful of women for dinner last night {post later} so I'm counting today as my first day.

 I slept in until 6:30 {that is late for me on a weekday} and enjoyed a slower paced morning around the house. It's amazing what you can get accomplished when you don't have to shower, apply make up, pack lunches, iron, dress for work and rush off to the classroom. 

I had an appointment at 9am for a manicure and pedicure. This time I had an OPI Axxium Gel mani. This process is suppose to last a minimum of 14 days. Since I'm getting ready to go on vacation, I thought I'd give it a try. I usually don't travel with painted nails due to the up keep and I don't want to be bothered when I'm not home.

My color of choice was Pink Flamingo. A perfect color to celebrate summer. The photo looks darker than in person. There was an additional cost of $10. for the gels but if it last twice as long, it's worth it in my book.

When I was ready to leave, my nails were completely dry. I didn't have to worry about smudging them when I got my keys or wallet out of my purse. Nor did I have any marks in the polish when I tried to *carefully* buckle my seat belt ~ these are always hazards  for me.


* The Gel manicure is a process of curing the "gel" polish between coats with a UV light. Due to the nature of this, the polish lasts longer without chipping or wearing. I USE my hands {yes, I know that sounds odd} and I'm not gentle when doing so. When I heard about this, I was intrigued and decided to give it a whirl. As I shared, this mani was only 10 dollars more than the traditional and required little additional time to apply. There seems to be a nice selection of color choices. The salon I frequent is slowly adding to their supply as the desire increases.

Afterwards, I met up with a few friends at the beach. The picture above is after spending time in the ocean and sand. Yes, I had my hands in both. I was told not to worry even though it was a humid day.

I'm off to shower, do a few things here at home and then I'm heading to the club to meet friends for cocktails.

So far, summer is off to a great start!

*On a side note, it's rather difficult to photograph your own hand and not have it look  like a disfigured object.

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Seersucker Scrapper said...

Can you say jealous? That sounds like a fabulous day!

Love the nails!

Cathy said...

Sounds perfect! Yeah for summer!


Love your nails!

Suburban Princess said...

Aaaaaand that's why I try not to take pics of my hands lol!

It sounds like you had an awesome day!

What is this new mani? Is it a special polish? Or do they do something to your nails?

Rene @ cottage and vine said...

I'm so happy for you! Your nails look great!

Trish said...

Your day sounds absolutely fabulous! I can't wait for a day in the sun tomorrow...aahhhh!!! :) Happy weekend Jo, wish we could be enjoying a spiked popsicle on the beach together!! oxox

LuLu said...

Sounds like a great start to your summer vacation. Great color,

Shell in your Pocket said...

Very very pretty nails-
sandy toe

Kathy said...

Oh, this sounds like a heavenly day!

Please do report back on how your nail polish holds up. I might have to give it a try!

We too had our first 2 days of "summer" (minus the sun) and it's been wonderful as well. Great to not have a schedule, isn't it?

Have a fun and relaxing vacation!

Mary Lou said...

What a great day!!
I get regular manicures but have not heard of the gel thing. I will investigate..See what great info we pass along!!

Pink Martini said...

I'm still on my east coast time and it is amazing how much I can get done when I'm up early. Your nails look great and the color is so pretty. What do you think about the UV? Whenever I put my hands under the lights to set the polish I always think I must be doing something unhealthy to the skin on the back of my hands from the UV but I have never heard anything negative. The cost of beauty, no? hahaha :) xoxo

Kathy said...

Beautiful hands,
Beautiful girl!!!!
Let us know how the manicure holds up Jo....
I'm interested as to the results.
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Pink Martini said...

How wonderful to see your husband again! How long will you be in the LA area? What do you like to do? :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day. I've just begun to hear about this nail treatment. Can't wait to find someone doing it where I live! Found your blog via sweet up north mornings . . like your site . . I'll be back!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

Sounds like you are off to a great start for summer!
Your nails look lovely and I hope that you have a wonderful vacation.


Southern Lilly Lover said...

I have been wanting to try these 14 day gel nails! They sound worth the time and money if they really last! I hope you give us some updates as day 14 approaches!

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