Road Trip and Treasure Hunt

Monday, June 14, 2010 |
Bright {well, the sun wasn't shinning just yet} and early Sunday morning my friend Jane and I hit the road in search of fabulous treasures.

With travel mugs of coffee and homemade blueberry banana muffins in hand, we headed in the direction of New Milford, CT.

The ride was quite beautiful. The scenery was lush and green from all our rain. Not a moment of silence was heard the entire trip. I've always enjoyed the relaxed conversation of friends.

Thank you for your comments and input regarding the Elephant's Trunk. It was very helpful.


If you can image it; they had it! There were rows and rows and rows to meander through. I had my eye on this large frame as I'd like a mirror at the end of our hallway upstairs.


How sweet is this child's dress form? I have no idea what I was going to do with it or even why I needed it but it was going home with me! Small problem ... it was already sold. Seriously, I felt like a deject child. No worries, I quickly rebounded.


Poor guy was exhausted from all the fun ;)
See the cute table and chair{ there are 3 more chairs in the set}? My friend picked that up for her side porch.


They even had plants, fresh veggies and beautiful flowers CHEAP! If only we weren't finished planting for the season. I couldn't believe all the incredible deals {and junk} to be found.


This is my bag of goodies. My husband makes fun of my cart on wheels but it sure beats carrying everything. My take home treasures included a couple silver trays, a silver bowl, fresh from the garden veggies and beautiful flowers. I'll show you my silver pieces at work later this week.

I will be returning! Care to join me?

Our adventure continued on to higher end antique shops in Woodbury. We poked around in many sweet shops, had an amazing lunch, did a little more shopping (the theme of the day) and then headed home.
It was an incredible day.

Today is my last full day of school ... bittersweet emotions. I will officially be on summer vacation tomorrow at 1:07 ~ not that I'm counting ;)

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Preppy Mama said...

Wow, sounds like a great day! Can't wait to see your silver! I might have to make a trip up, thanks for the tip!

carolinagirl said...

that place looks like so much fun...i would have been in heaven shopping around.

Pink Martini said...

I would love to join you! I've always wanted to go to Brimfield too but what would I do with all my finds and how would I get them all home? Still I would love to visit some day. Enjoy your 'final hours' and your summer of freedom. :) xoxo

New England Girl said...

Oh! And PS... made your southwestern sheperd's pie the other night [it was so cold and dreary!] and it was a huge hit! SO delicious. :)

New England Girl said...

Wow- what a collection to sift through and choose treasures from! I love Sundays with friends -- such a fulfilling way to end a weekend. :) I hope you enjoy your last full day of school! You deserve a summer of relaxation and fun. :)

Town and Country Mom said...

Looks like a successful day with some cute finds!

bevy said...

Like I've said before... I'd love to go with you. I wouldn't even know where to begin!

Have a wonderful last day of school and hug your precious students!

Casey said...

Wowza. I am so so jealous!! Looks fabulous!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

Sounds like a perfect day and glad that you came home with some beautiful treasures.

Have a happy last day of school

Trish said...

Hi Jo! What a fun day, full of fun goodies! I would love to go one day, that looks like so much to take in and enjoy! Hope that the last day of school went well, and it's official now, so HAPPY SUMMER VACAY!! xoxo

fleur de lis cottage said...

Wow what a fun treasure hunt...and I love your cart on wheels :)

Suburban Princess said...

Those pomchocs are available in more places than just Costco - their website will list the stores but I have bought them in the grocery store and the drug store!

Haven and Home said...

Don't know which is grabbing my attention more, all the great finds or the homemade muffins!

The Flying Bee said...

It sounds like y'all had so much fun! I love spending the day treasure hunting!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Can't wait to see the silver! Enjoy every minute of your summer vacation. This is the first time in 27 years that I've had to work all summer. At least the four day work weeks help ease the pain a little.

Tina said...

WOW! What a fabulous looking market! We don't have anything like that here:( Can't wait to see your silver pieces, your flowers are beautiful! Hope you have a fabulous weekend Jo ~ Tina xx

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