Sunflowers for Wishes

Sunday, July 25, 2010 |
It all began with a few seeds and a family with a big heart ...


That were planted and grew into these grand bouquets.Which attract people from miles around to come and support such a beautiful and worthwhile cause.


Each year for one week in July Buttonwood Farms host their Sunflowers for Wishes. The money raised is donated to Make*A*Wish.

{Nicholas carrying a few of the bouquets I bought}
 The bright and vibrate sunflowers are sold for $5. a bouquet and 100% of the profit is donated to the Connecticut Foundation.


Not only do they grow amazing flowers, they also make tasty homemade ice cream! Just in case you're wondering, yes they do make sunflower ice cream.


It's SO good in fact that people are willing to wait in line for a scoop or two on a 90 degree Saturday just before torrential rain hit.

{Kevin's ice cream that he wouldn't share}
White chocolate and brownie batter in a homemade waffle cone ~ my idea of a well rounded healthy lunch!

I couldn't get a photo before the ice cream began to melt. Heat and humidity don't play well with frozen treats.


They began with planting one acre of sunflowers for enjoyment which has quickly grown in size as the demand to support a worthy cause has become popular.

This year they planted 14 acres and expect to sell out before the event comes to a close. I call that a total success for all involved!


The scenery is the perfect painter's palate.


The money raised will help make it possible for Connecticut children with life threatening and terminal illnesses to have a wish of their very own come true.


Sitting pretty in my home, I know that I've helped a little to bring a  smile to a families face that is going through a very hard time.
I hope their son's or daughter's wishes come true and they are able to hold these memories in their hearts for years to come.


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Suburban Princess said...

What a great event!! I wish more places around here did this sort of thing!

Henley on the Horn said...

How amazing! I love events like this. Your ice cream looked FABULOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

What a fabulous event and going to such a great cause.
The sunflowers are so bright and what a beautiful show.
The icecream looks really yummy too!

Happy week

Kathy said...

How beautiful! We might have tulips but you have these gorgeous sunflowers! And what a wonderful excuse to decorate your home with fresh flowers.

By the way, the little pups are so sweet! Have you made a decision? And yes, I do in fact know one of THOSE people. And am still happy to call her "friend." :)

Have a great week!

Rene said...

This is such a great cause. It must have been a treat to see all of those sunflowers. And as for ice cream, it is definitely a well balanced lunch ;)


Kathy said...

Such happy faces on those sunflowers and a wonderful cause!
That icecream cone almost sent me into orbit.
6th week of weight Watchers and could have polished that off in record time!!!!!
Thanks for peeking in,
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

New England Girl said...

Oh my goodness - what a wonderful, uplifting event. I love when people come together to support such causes. Thank you for sharing your experience and your gorgeous photos. I love the view of the stone wall and the field of flowers behind. Oh, how I love New England....

JMW said...

Great idea! Sunflowers are so beautiful and dress up any home, for summertime parties or just as a centerpiece to make you smile. And add the philanthropic cause and it makes for a perfect combo!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

What an Amazing fund raiser and for such a great cause! The sunflower fields are Beautiful. What a wonderful afternoon. And, YUM the ice cream!

And, those pups, even more delicious!

theUngourmet said...

Make a Wish is such a wonderful charity. You cant' help but feel happy around this many sunflowers! Your photos are beautiful. I've never tried sunflower ice cream, it looks delicious!

P.S. I have been using my tomatoes in everything from eggs to salads to sandwiches. ;)

Maman de trois petit rois said...

Jo, thanks for the sweet comment, I have just spent some time getting to know you via your lovely blog!

Kacey said...

Jo, your photos are amazing. What a cheerful idea for a fundraiser. I whole field of sunflowers? Just looking at your pictures of them make me happy.(and that ice cream waffle cone looks delicious too!)

Simply Mel said...

Sunflowers just exude happiness, non? I love what joy they bring to any space they occupy. And the image of the lady painting plein air is fantastic!

rebekka said...

I've just been thinking about how much I need some flowers in my apartment...those sunflowers are a lovely inspiration!

P.S. I LOVE the name of your blog!!!


Suburban Princess said...

Try the haggis some time! If you think about what's in a sausage - haggis is pretty much the same but with less garbage in it!

French Basketeer said...

Fantastic photos, Jo, and a lovely event. Everyone wins. That ice cream looks amazing! No wonder there is a line!

pretty pink tulips said...

This is such a beautiful and heart felt event. I'll put it on my calendar for next year ---- I love the thought of seeing all those sunflowers. xo Elizabeth

kay said...

I love this post! I love what this farm does every year, that is truly amazing and so nice. A dear friend of mine has a sick daughter who's wish was just granted by Make a wish. I starting tearing up just reading this post. There really are such amazing and kind people in this world who do make a difference. And the fact that they serve ice cream, that's just the best to me!

Lorri said...

Oh what I would give for that ice cream!

eastcoastsurfermom said...

All of the Buttonwoods photos are fabulous! Amazing! I've been trying to get there for three years now!

Lisa said...

I completely missed this post! Oh this is the best idea for raising awareness and money. A beautiful farm and a very fun day too. Inspirational beyond words.
xo Lisa

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