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Monday, July 19, 2010 |
*I was ready to share the lovely holiday wedding we attended with you but Flicker decided to practice their new magic act with my photos and make them all disappear. I hope it's fixed and you can see these photos.

Here on the East Coast we've been experiencing quite the on going heat wave. If you remember, the 4th of July weekend was hot, hot, HOT!

We were thrilled to be invited to our friends wedding day and celebrate with them as they begin their lives as husband and wife.

What lady doesn't get excited about buying a new dress, shoes, clutch and spending a little extra time making sure she looks her very best for the event. Not to mention being escorted by her handsome husband who just happens to be dressed in the suit his wife most admires on him.

Well, the day began sunny and bright. A perfect day for a wedding.

I was a tad surprised that the church was not air conditioned. As it began to fill with family and friends to witness the unity of marriage, the temperature began to rise. I know this is frowned upon but at one point I began to use the program as a fan ~ I couldn't take it any longer. A quick glance over at my husband answered my question of how he was doing. He was trying to discreetly pick his pants off his legs ~ they were stuck on him like glue! Poor guy in his suit and tie in a 100 degree church and the ceremony hadn't even begun!

The wedding was lovely and no one {surprisingly} fainted or passed out.

There was time between the wedding and reception so we decided to go back to our hotel room and "freshen" up a bit. Like start all over!

Cocktail hour began at 6:30 on the lawn of the Ocean Cliff Resort. The view is amazing and the breeze off the water was a welcome relief. We caught up with friends and enjoyed the company of family members.

At 7:45 we were invited into the dinning room for dinner and a little unexpected surprise ... no air conditioning. It hadn't been working well for the past few weeks and that afternoon it finally conched out for good.


The flowers on each table were incredibly beautiful. Sadly the end of the evening even they were wilting.


The happy couple ~ Mr. and Mrs. H********

The Best Man's toast.
Dan had us all laughing and crying with his well prepared speech. Dan and Jim are very close and share a special brotherly bond.



Our friends Courtney and Mike. We always have a fabulous time when we are with these two. Mike is from South Africa and has the greatest accent. I always giggle when he refers to Kevin {and other guys} as mates.


Me and Kevin with our healthy HOT glow.


Courtney and I trying to cool off with a glass of wine ~ it didn't work but that didn't stop us from having several anyway.


Chrissy was upset that she wasn't in the first photo so we had to take another one with her. She is SO much fun to around.


No they did not smear the cake on each other's faces. Jim just had to tease her a little.


They are patiently waiting for the cake to be cut.

Both Jim and Chrissy come from very large families. These little cuties are from Chrissy's side. This little lad was so polite and did his very best during the wedding but when it came time to party he gave it his all. At the reception he stripped off his white knee socks and saddle shoes so he could dance ~ and that he did! The little ladies were all so sweet.

The flowers and sashes are really a deep pink but I just can't seem to photograph that color with much success ~ suggestions?


This childs highchair got my husband in a lot of trouble with the management. Kevin used it to prop the door open {remember, there was NO air condition and several hundred people in the room} and the manager would come and remove the chair. This went on several times. The managers explanation was that the restaurant on the deck would be bothered by the noise. It was the 4th of July. There were only a handful of people out there and they had children. I don't think they would have been bothered. Kevin even offered to buy them a round of drinks. Nope, not happening! I felt so badly for the men dressed in long sleeves and ties. We gave the guys at our table permission to shed the jackets once we were seated. I was more worried about health than etiquette at that point.


See the fan behind Courtney?
That was Ocean Cliff's answer to our situation. They placed another one on the other side of the room. Newport's finest cooling system.

If you're going to be hot, it's best to be with fun people and we were. Despite the uncomfortable temperatures we all had a wonderful time!


I love the dress that I wore. The light ruffles at the bottom added the perfect feminine touch.

We wrapped our evening up with friends, laughter and after dinner drinks at the Viking {my favorite in Newport}.

Remember how I just told you I loved my dress? I loved it even more when I was able to peel it off my body and jump in the shower before bed.

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love your dress!

Suburban Princess said...

Your dress is gorgeous! Looks like a fun wedding!

French Basketeer said...

It's so important to be at the weddings of good friends; memories that last a lifetime....btw you look fab, Jo, and if you like wine we are going to have a great time in Beaune one of these days...

Shell in your Pocket said...

Looks fun-

My parents cottage is near's right on lake's great!

sandy toe

Short Southern Momma said...

These pics are beautiful!

Of coarse its not too late to get the book! Thank you so much for wanting to read it! Email me at


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

HOORAY...the pictures are back:)

You look FABULOUS!! I love the very pretty! The wedding looked like it was beautiful. We were just recently at a wedding that was outside. It was 95 Degrees and we were out there facing the sun with no cover. My husband was also trying to pick his pants off of his legs... Luckily the reception was inside.....air conditioning never felt so good:)

Have a great week~


Rene said...

You look great! Looks like a fun time.

Still snickering at the thought of your husband coming home to a re-arranged house in the dark:)


pink green & southern said...

What a beautiful wedding! You look stunning!!!

Travelbugmom said...

I must say that you look WONDERFUL...especially without AC!!!! I sit at my computer in AC with the fan blowing on me...SWEATING....I JUST can't seem to cool off this summer!

Wedding looks so fun and loved your dress. Fun times!
Also, loved the cake!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

Always love seeing photos of weddings and was great to see your photos.
Looks like everyone had a fun time, but such a shame there was not AC.
You look fabulous in your pretty dress.

Happy week

Haven and Home said...

Oh I love a good weddding, what a happy looking couple!!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Jo I adore your pink dress too! You looked so gorgeous in it. The wedding was a beautiful looking occasion. The cake was amazing. So sorry about the heat. Ugh.

Have a wonderful week.
~Melissa :)

Kathleen said...

What a great dress! Funny but on the other coast it has NOT been hot, it's been over cast and cool. YUCK. I don't feel like its summer at all!

elliotts said...

Your dress was fabulous!! And, what beautiful wedding pictures....I can't imagine how hot it was.
Thank you for your recent comments, they mean so much to me.


Kathy said...

Oh, I feel so badly for the bride and groom that the A/C stopped working! Although, it looks like it didn't hurt their mood a bit--they look so happy. Good for them!

Glad you had such a nice time despite the heat--you looked beautiful and your dress was really lovely. Don't you love an excuse to get dressed up?

Oh--and my only thought with the pink not photographing well is just perhaps the indoor lighting. I have trouble with reds in my house. Just a thought. I'll bet if you shot that photo outside the sashes would indeed look pink.

Glad your photos are back! :)

bevy said...

What a great day for all! Hate that new England was so hot... But props to your husband not backing down to the management. Sometimes you do what you gotta do!

Oh... and lovely dress too - on you!

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