I have proof ...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 |
by the blooms, if not the weather, that spring has sprung.



I'm really really ready to be outdoors after our marathon winter. With some luck, I hope to have my green house up by the weekend so I can start some of my seeds and pick up plants when I find them at the local garden shops.



It's been chilly and rainy here but my blooming beauties aren't letting a little weather hold them back. Each day I see a little more green and a little brown in our yard ~ yea!



This week I received the nicest email from a sweet woman that follows my blog. Not only does she read my posts, but her husband peeks in to see photos of our bullies, Bozley and Bentley. So here you go Jon, these are for you :)


We hired a gardener this year. He's awfully cute but not all that productive. However, does do a good job of supervising and picking out a nice sunny spot in the yard during his break time  ~ which seems to be most of the time he is outdoors!


Bentley decided  to take some time and smell the flowers ... and walk on them, chew on them and lay in them. Now if only we could get him to pick up a rake and get to work!

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Blondie's Journal said...

Very cute post, Jo. I have two gardeners myself. They loaf a bit too much in the sunshine, but their cuteness makes up for that!

Yes, you do have proof that spring is here and I have a bit too. The daffodils are up, but not the tulips. Soon!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Kathleen said...

Jo, you made my day! I just called Jon at work so he can visit you, when he had a minute. He will love seeing 'the boys', again.

Happy Easter to you and yours,

Warmly, Kathleen

Dee Stephens said...

Looking good! I love hydrangeas!

carolinagirl said...

SPRING is my favorite! Your pups are just so cute. I could squeeze them.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

those bulldogs are too precious!

Holly said...

It is pretty...so pretty and not overly decorated - that is my favorite part. I leave my coffee dyed eggs out all year I love them so much.

Holly said...

Oh I forgot I love the topiary one...I need to make one...before sunday!

Lisa said...

It will come, it always does but this spring looks to be more interesting and more fun that the last judging by your helpers.
Just darling and your photos are fantastic!
Happy Easter to you and yours my dear.
xo Lisa

Lori said...

Your dogs are ADORABLE!! :)

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