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I love, love, love monograms ...

I was in high school and college in the 1980's era and
I had more monogrammed sweaters, shirts, headbands and bermuda bag covers than
I knew what to do with (wish I had held on to those, darn).
As soon as I see an item of interest, I check to see if monogramming is an option through the company. If not, I take it to my favorite local place.
In our home I have my monogram (maiden name), my married monogram, and my husband and mine combined monogram.
I've even monogrammed my SUV.
The large monogram for our master bathroom shower door is on
its way ~ won't my husband be surprised.
If my husband would allow me, I'd monogram my child : }
I've been asked about the project I last posted
It could not be easier!
I used a monogram that can be adhered to just about anything.
They come in different colors and sizes.
The one in my frame is actually a car decal.
To order your own,
They are very friendly and do a fantastic job!

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Kris said...

I want to mongram my car SO bad. Just haven't done it to check them out!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

God love you! I am so happy to have this hookup!! You crack me up about monogramming your car...I have to see a photo of that! Thank you so much for the tip!!

Belle said...

We are monogram crazy at our house too. I'm just like you....I got rid of SO many monogrammed things from back in the day...would give anything to have some of them back.

Caffeine Court said...

I love the girls at So Pretty-they have the best stuff!

Petunia said...

Jo ~~ Thanks for the monogram information! Your plaque turned out so pretty!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi again Jo! I went to the website you recommended...oh wow, I love it!! So much to choose from! When you ordered your monogram (the one you used for that project you just featured) did you order the two-pack "fancy" monogram (I think that's what it's called-$28?) Does it look like it's embroidered on the front but just has sticky on the back to adhere to whatever? Do you have to iron it on? OK, sorry for so many questions! I am so excited...

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Jo--Thanks for giving me all the advice, and humoring me! :) I called on Friday to order but because of our time difference I missed their open hours. So now I have to wait until Tuesday! But I will place the order! :) I can't wait to work on my project and will be sharing a huge post when it is done (with much credit given to you, of course!) :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi Jo! Just wanted to say that I am giving you a little award on my blog on Tuesday. :) Have a good day!

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