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Thursday, October 22, 2009 |
I've already shared with you the somewhat of a "clean freak" obsession I have and I've shared with you that I'm on a one woman mission to stay as healthy as I possibly can this fall/winter. I've also shared with you that I'm a teacher of small children that not only carry germs but are willing to share them through sneezing, coughing, blowing and I won't go any further than that {you can imagine the rest}.
Most days I recite the following words a minimum of 50,000 times {no, I'm not exaggerating} ..... Did you wash your hands? Are you sure? Let me smell {for the scent of soap} them just to be sure ~ especially if they look really dry.
I've hit an all time new level this evening.
While I was in the Laundry room, my husband came down the hall and went into the half bath across the hall. Upon his departure, I went right into teacher mode ~ yep, I asked him if he had washed his hands and if he was sure.
His response .....
Would you like to smell them Mrs. {insert my last name} and stretched his hands out towards my face.
I laughed, and apologize.
but you know I smelled, just to make sure! :)

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Leah said...

Hey there. Thanks for visiting my blog!

I am totally OCD about germs this year now that I have a new baby. I've started carrying around hand sanitizer and a tiny can of Lysol-to-go so I can prepared for any germy situation. You can just never be too careful.

Have a great evening!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

I am like you too, have an obsession with washing my hands.
I see too many people come out of public toilets and walk straight out.
This makes me so angry.
I often open the door with a tissue so I do not have to touch the door handle.

Have a happy weekend

carolinagirl said...

too funny...I do the same thing with my boys. as soon as they hit the door in the afternoons I make them go to the bathroom and then i ask about 10 times if they are sure. AND i have smelled their hands plenty of times. i include my husband in this as well...especially if we are all in the kitchen. i always ask if he's washed his hands too!

JMW said...

Too funny! With H1N1 making the rounds, I feel I've become a little more OCD than usual. Wash, dry, repeat. My skin feels like that of an alligator, but as long as I'm well, I'll get over it!

BTW, we sought the perfect pumpkin, but I think we find the most perfect imperfect pumpkin! It's great. Have you tried the Hunter Wellie web site? You'll probably spend as much there as you would J. Crew. They have some neat designs.

Have a great weekend!

LuLu said...

LOL you are too cute, and now i have to tell you i say the same thing 30,000 times a day too... that is so funny.!!!

Suburban Princess said...

LOL! Too funny!
I am very anal about hand washing too - I have purel in ever nook and cranny!

jenjen said...

LOL - so funny! But I bet you are going to stay germ free and not get sick this winter.

So keep on with the OCD!


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

Ugh, I know! I an a substitute teacher and all I do all day is monitor hand washing and wiping of desks before snack! If I hear "I feel sick can I go.." I say YES!! Not fun this germy world! So this week I had some kind of flu..thank you Kindergarten and grade 2! ..stay well!

EntertainingMom said...


Anonymous said...

Ha! I am guilty of asking my husband that quite often! He rides the metro train to and from work and you know how "germy" that can be! Those handles alone make me shudder...I try not to touch a thing when I ride it into D.C. I will say that he is good about carrying hand sanitizer..thank GOD!

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

That is too funny. I don't think you can wash your hands too much when there are small children around. When we pick up my grandson up at school I always tell him to wash his hands..he says "why"?

Have a great day!!

Melissa Miller said...

Jo you are so cute!
It's so important I don't blame you for asking hiom though.

Blessings, ~Melissa ;)

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

That is too funny...only because I do the same thing to my husband (and I actually inspect fingernails!) After 8 years of marriage, YES...he washes his hands!

Lallie knows automatically to wash at all the appropriate times AND (yes, I am going to boast here)...she is two and covers her mouth when she coughs or sneezes! Thank you, thank you! ;-)

PS - I'm a clean freak too!

Have a fantastic weekend (when do you want to post about the book swap?)

Tracey said...

Ha! I push the hand washing too...nobody comes in the house from anywhere without washing their hands first!

Have a great weekend Jo!!

:) T

CRICKET said...

I can so relate, we walk in the door, off with the shoes and everyone wash there hands. Oh and in case you missed some germs, a squirt of purell.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are so funny!! With all that is going around right now, I can't say I blame you. I think if I were a teacher I would be completely neurotic about germs.

Hope that you all have a nice weekend!


The Flying Bee said...

LOL! I do the exact same thing to my husband and boys! They don't even fight me anymore...they know, the first thing we do as soon as we come home from anywhere or even think of fixing food is wash our hands!

Have a great weekend!

EntertainingMom said...

Jo we need to hook up!!! I'm a itchin' to head to the outlets... they are not too far from you!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is doing some research for an article on Swine flu. She found out 70% of men do NOT wash their hands after using the restroom. So you aren't as far off as you thought!

The 5 Bickies said...

I completely agree...I am a bit OCD about hand washing, especially this season. I smell my own children's hands and could easily have been the MRS blank in your conversation!

I hope it keeps you healthy!

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