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Tuesday, October 6, 2009 |
* Update ~ thank you for your comments and emails. I'm very interested in the suggestions that were offered and will be making some implementations into my health regiment. Now I'm off to wash my hands, again! :) *
It's *that* time of year again ~ only starting much earlier this year for some reason. We have already had large numbers of absences due to illnesses in my school. Last week one classroom was down 12 children three days in a row ~ yikes. It is spreading through the grade levels due to the simple fact that it's being passed on to siblings at home and then introduced to the next grade level classroom. Due to the nature of the school I work in {primarily military} we have a revolving door of new germs being transported from different states, and sometimes countries.
I am neurotic when it comes to hygiene! Truly, it's beyond OCD and I'm all right with that. It is only the beginning of October and I can't wear my wedding rings because my skin is so dry and cracked from washing my hands every time I turn around. I use hand lotion but wash it off 30 seconds later when I'm washing my hands, AGAIN.
After many years of teaching, I know that once I get sick {and I will}, I never seem to completely recover. Just when I'm feeling better and think I'm on the mend, I get hit again with something new. One of the biggest culprits is that there are always new strains making their way into our school so my immune system doesn't have the opportunity to create antibodies for protection ~ according to my physician.
What are you taking this season to add a boost to your health? This is a sensitive subject and there is great debate out on this topic. I've done hours and hours of research on supplements and diet {I'll save that for another post} as well attended conferences. For my family, I believe that they have helped in a multitude of ways. When my son was diagnosed with food allergies as a very small child I began introducing supplements into our daily routine. Currently I'm taking a multi vitamin, C, and D3. I'm considering a probiotic. Any thoughts or experience?
I'm sniffle free as of today and would like to remain so for many weeks to come. Help : )

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Anonymous said...

I take a multi vitamin every day and 1000 mg vitamin C, vitamen B mix, and now I add vitamin D for the lack of sun in winter. My doctor told me I am on great plan...It seems to be working. My hair grows faster than ever!

JMW said...

Your post is a good reminder that I should be doing more to keep myself well. I wash my hands constantly, but I need to do something to boost my immune system. My mom, who is a teacher, is home sick from school today. It's going around - I feel surrounded!

New England Girl said...

I am very lucky in the sense that I don't get sick all that often [knock on wood]. My immune system seems to ward off sickness and I really think it's due to my exercise, healthy eating, daily vitamin - I take a multi vitamin and a supplement called Brewer's Yeast, 2 tablespoons 2x a day mixed with water - and I drink loads of green tea. I think it all comes together to help. I have so far avoided all of the colds my friends have gotten.

LuLu said...

Good for you and taking your vitamins, probiotics sounds good to me, haven't done research or anything but i'm all for trying stuff. here's to staying healthy,

Suburban Princess said...

Have you tried 'Look Mas New Hand' from B&BW? I am the same as you and this has saved my hands!!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thank goodness... I thought I was the only germ freak. I too have dry hands because of it. My poor daughter thinks she is the only kid to never play in the Mc. Donalds playplace. Hang in there~

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

I am like you and always washing my hands and opening doors with a tissue when coming out of a public bathroom.
You can never be too careful.
I take Vitamin C, fish oil, flaxseed capsules, and women multivitamins.

I hope that you stay well and away from all the germs and bugs.


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

How well I remember the year I went back to teaching after my kids were born...I had flu, a stomach virus AND streph throat that year. Then about every five or six years, I guess the new strains would get me again.

The Flying Bee said...

Oh girl! I can so relate. The skin on my hands crack and bleed from being so dry because I wash them so much! I also make my kids do the same. Right when they come home it's the first thing they do. So far, just taking vitamins, washing hands, and praying of course...we have stayed well. I also give the boys probiotics and DHA. Hope you all stay well.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I have a feeling we are in for a long "sick season" this year. there is so much going around already and like you said, it is only the first week in October....

I usually don't take anything more than a multi vitamin, some time a little extra C and B. I will be curious to see what other people suggest.

Try to stay healthy!!


Carolina Mama said...

Aside from vitamins and healthy foods, we take Airborne at the first sign of a cold and it helps! :) Good Luck!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wish I could tell you that I have a magic bullet for the sickness...yuck! One of my friend's kids just got diagnosed with the Swine Flu...can you believe it? No fun!

jenjen said...

I take multi vitamins and when I feel like a cold is coming on I take E-mergency (sp?) to help stave it off. I also have hand sanitizer in my purse (although I keep forgetting about it).

I am dreading flu and cold season though. It seems like one of my kids is always sick or has the sniffles.


preppyinnewengland said...

I am just like you with the constant hand washing. I make the kids do the "brush-your-teeth" 2 minute rule; top and bottom!
Purell works great. I have it in the car, handbag. Kids have it in school. Our school district did an about face this year with the threat of swine by installing antibacterial dispensers in the cafteria as well as each classroom. Kids are told to use the wipes before they leave the classroom.
I just take a One-A-Day multi vitamin. Try to eat right. Try to get exercise, several days a week but really need to boost that!
Honestly, I really think it is kleeping the hands as clean as possible and not touching eyes and mouth is the key to help prolong good health over these coming long months.

Melissa Miller said...

Jo you are so right about hand washing! I remember reading once that is the absolute best defense against colds and flus. I'm right there with you on the OCD thing. I don't touch any doors anymore and always carry a tissue. I probably look silly shopping but I haven't had a cold in years. It is scary being a teacher with all of the flus around. My sister is one as well and is about to have my newest nephew. Yikes! She's trying so hard not to get sick before he's due to arrive.

I don't know about any special immunity foods but how about hot green or white tea? They say it's one of the best things for it. We've been increasing our consumption here lately as well.

Stay healthy my friend,
~Melissa ;)

PS Thanks for your sweet visit!
I'm enjoying' my book. Thank you again. :)

Tracey said...

Hi Jo! Well, I'm very into natural health when possible. We all take a daily vitamin and I take a Zinc everyday as well. I try and stir in some flax oil everyday to the kids yogurt or oatmeal. If any of us get sick, we take extra C and Zinc (even the kids). I have heard great things about probiotics, but have never tried them before (besides the fact that we eat a lot of yogurt). Good luck staying healthy!!!

:) T

annechovie said...

Gosh, Jo, I can relate! I used t teach preschool up north and was constantly sick and had dry hands from all the hand-washing. I pray that you stay well. Not fun! xo

farmhouse wares said...

I've been in denial about all this flu stuff, but reading your post makes me think I've got to snap out of it. It's back to echinacea and tons of fruit for us.

Kasey said...

total germ a phobe here....
we keep the stuff in my purse and are constantly washing our hands.
I'm suck a freak that when we leave the bathroom..i have to use a towel to open the door..

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Jo, I drink a fizzy vitamin drink called emergen-c it's raspberry flavored and doesn't taste bad.(could use a little sugar) I just hate all this stuff going around right now...ugggg.

You asked about the rooster, I purchased a pair of them at an estate sale several years ago. I have never found anymore like them. They are really pretty and so detailed. I lucked out! Have a great weekend, Kristen

The Flying Bee said...

Just came back to say that if you ever have any questions about the probiotics, just email me. I don't know a lot, but I can tell you about what we do over here.

Hope yall are well.


EntertainingMom said...

I adore Neutrogena hand cream but it leaves your hands fairly sticky and might be best for the end of the day... unless your hands are so dry that you won't feel the stickiness. I LOVE AHAVA hand cream. It's made from dead sea salts... it's not cheap and sold and higher end cosmetic stores but it is wonderful. I also use Aquahpor when I get super dried out. Just like I like my drinks, my hands enjoy a cocktail of moisturizers!!

3 Peanuts said...

We all take probiotics every day. My kids take florabear chewables. i take another brand and I think they help immensely. We also take (the kiddos too) corromega packets. Juicing has really helped me too. I have not bee nearly as sick as I usually am (afraid to actually type that). I had a cold but it never morphed into anything else which is unusual for me.

pve design said...

I think we take our health for granted - each day, I take an array of vitamins, and try to eat green...I think a good diet, sleep, are the best for optimal health!

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