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Thursday, December 17, 2009 |
It's Christmas!
A few weeks ago, before the craziness began, I told my husband I wanted one evening alone to together to celebrate the Christmas season.
Without missing a beat, my sweet husband surprised me with tickets to the Boston Pops Christmas concert.
It was simply amazing!
We went out to dinner and then to the concert ~ I couldn't ask for a more wonderful Christmas pick me up amidst the holiday frenzy!
My favorite part was the sing a long! ;)
Thank you Kev, you've made my week, my month and my Christmas wish come true!

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bevysblog said...

I can remember watching the Boston Pops (with Arthur Fiedler - sp?) on PBS every week or so with my parents. How lucky that your sweet husband surprised you with an evening out!

I'll be counting the days for you: only four more school days left! Of course I woke up today at 5:30. on. the. dot!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I am so envious! I play the violin, have since I was about 3 years old and my two dreams have been 1) to play with the Boston Pops and 2) to perform with Itzhak Pearlman (on Sesame Street, no less!). I adore the Boston Pops and never miss a televised concert. You are a lucky girl!

New England Girl said...

Ah, what a wonderful surprise! I love the Boston Pops - especially around Christmas. :) I am so glad you had an enjoyable and memorable evening amidst all the craziness!

CZ said...

How if I could just get my hubby to take me to something besides a political fundraiser...

Rachel said...

I love the BP's!!! What a fun evening and what a smart husband to take you there!!!


Happy Holiday's

EntertainingMom said...

what a nice gift... what a nice husband!!!

Sue said...

What a fantastic gift, Jo! Normally, A true sing-along is acceptable to me- just makes me mad when I go to a concert and the fans sing along uninvited. Who did I pay to go hear- the artist or the guy behind me? LOL Hope your holiday season is going well. Merry, Merry! Sue

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