Let it snow ...

Sunday, December 20, 2009 |
and snow, and snow, and snow some more!
*Update: Yes indeed, we do have a delayed opening. I'll have just enough time to run a couple of quick errands before school begins ~ yeah!
This is what our home looked like last night before we headed to bed. There were only a few flakes coming down ~ I was very skeptical that we were going to get the blizzard they predicted. After all, the storm was to begin late afternoon.

After many hours of snow {whiteout snowing for hours} we awoke to a winter wonderland!
We have over 20 inches of snow ~ I apologize for doubting you Mr. Weather Man ;)
I had hoped to sneak out and finish my Christmas shopping but upon second thought, I decided it was best to stay inside and do what I could around the house. I think this was a much better choice.

Mr. Bozley wasn't too thrilled with the snow.
He went out only a few feet onto the back patio and quickly turned around and headed back for warmth and to give us a piece of his mind.

Seriously you humans, we are going to have to come up with a better option than me going outdoors for relief!
Yes, he does have a jacket and yes it is monogrammed. He is a posh pup and he knows it.
I think the look on his face says it all! :)

My own personal Frosty the Snowman!
Kevin spent over 2 hours out in the white fluffy fun redistributing its beauty. This is his second {or third in certain spots} swip over the driveway there was so much snow.

The first big snow of the season is always magical. Our neighborhood is beautiful in its blanket of white. The squeels of delight from the children was magical. There were sleds and snowballs flying all around.
I'm secretly wishing for a delayed opening tomorrow morning so I can run a few errands that I didn't accomplish today!

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Kacey said...

We heard about the massive snow storm on the news...have to say I was kind of jealous. 20 inches!! We've really been lacking in the white stuff out here which is unusual for Utah this time of year. I keep crossing my fingers for a white Christmas!
By the way, Mr. Bozley looks very stylish in his outdoor's wear! :-)

Suburban Princess said...

Snow is always so beautiful when you dont need to go anywhere!

Your house is so adorable!

EntertainingMom said...

Magical indeed!!!

Henley on the Horn said...

Wow! Are I suppose you are snowed in!! How wonderful. I Loved your pics and your home is beautiful.

Melissa Miller said...

Jo it's so breathtaking and beautiful! Right before Christmas too. Lucky you!

Bozeley is the cutest in his stylish jacket!

Merry Christmas! ~Melissa :)

bevysblog said...

Your home looks absolutely lovely in the snow. Glad you were able to have a few hours before school to get some last minute things done.

Only two more days!!!

New England Girl said...

I cannot believe how much snow you all got! We didn't get ANY! I was so bummed when I woke up in the morning; and now I am super jealous of you. :) Everything looks so gorgeous. And your pup is so adorable. Ours turns into a total house bugger too when the snow/cold comes. She's such a wimp! :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Bozley is quite the posh pup!!! Love his coat:) My dog is not a fan of the snow either..... he usually only stays out there as long as it take to get some relief and then it is right back in the warm house. I think it is because he is so low to the ground. My lab always loved the snow and would stay out there forever!!

Hoping you have another delay!!

Happy Holidays!


Join the Gossip said...

Wow that sure is a difference! Such a beautiful home and pristine snow! I can see why you'd want to stay out of it though =)

You're dog is adorable by the way!

p.s. glad u like your pjs, I love mine! Have a great week!

Queen Bee said...

Wow,that is a lot of snow! I love your house, I have always loved the Tudor style.
Mr.Bozley did pretty good with the snow. My girls wouldn't have even gone outside. Rainy days are our worst days - it takes me twice as long to get them outside... Gotta love the bullies. My girls are currently hogging the couch, curled up and snoring. Ha!

carolinagirl said...

y'all did get a lot. i can only remember one year, 1999, that it snowed ALMOST that much. JC was still in dental school, and we lived in Burlington, NC (about 30 minutes from Chapel Hill). We went to bed at 11pm. I got up at 6am, took a shower, got dressed, started to leave, and WHOA...we had 18 inches of snow fall over night...insane for NC.

We have two mini-dachshunds. Do you know how many accidents I have cleaned up? They refuse to take their posh little tooshes out! Ugh! Our snow is almost gone...so glad. Ready for spring already! Ha!

LuLu said...

Yea to all the snow and your delay!!! Oh my gosh we need your snow blower.... we used shovels and my back is killing me! Mr. Bozley is soooooo cute!!!!
Merry Christmas,

Angela Harris said...

You have a GORGEOUS home! Such character! Have a safe, warm and Marry Christmas :)
~Angela Harris

Lisa said...

We have never had snow like that, maybe 5 inches...just beautiful. I love how quiet it gets and then only hearing the delight of the children. You are right. Magical.
Today is pack day for us, but wanted to stop by while I'm having my coffee. Have a Merry Merry Christmas...now go out and play!
xo Lisa

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

We had about 18 inches and it is beautiful! We were lucky it was a weekend so there wasn't as much "anxiety" about shoveling before work and school. This makes up for the lack of snow last year! Your house looks beautiful!

CRICKET said...

The snow is beautiful and so is your bullie and house! I am am always afraid ours will get lost in the snow, at least she goes potty faster when it snows!

JMW said...

Wow - isn't the first snow of the season magical? Your dog is too cute - what a face!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tracey said...

I for one love a white Christmas and it certainly looks like you got one!

Blessings and a joyous Christmas to you Jo!!!

:) T

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