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Thursday, December 31, 2009 |
One of the many treats of coming to New England is the fresh seafood.
Whenever we have family from out of state it's tradition that we have some variation of seafood. This dinner always includes lobsters and mussels.
My brother's children aren't horribly fond of seafood so we made them a special dinner and served them early so that the adults could linger over our amazing delicacies and intriguing conversation ~ catching up can be most enlightening! ;)

My husband and brother treated us to an incredible meal!

My parents loved to cook.
We are most definitely a "foodie" family. It was a common site to see us all in the kitchen with our proverbial hands in the pot. This has been a true asset as both my brother and I love the task of cooking but also enjoying incorporating our families into the fun.
Lucky for me, I married someone who shares this talent. While he doesn't often have the opportunity to cook, when he does, he can knock me off my feet with his delicious creations.

One of the many traditions we have during the week between Christmas and New Years is going to a family movie. This year we all went to the afternoon showing of A Christmas Carol. I thought it was a little scary for a child's movie. Little Will wanted to leave at one point because he was frightened.
After the movie the men were off to the our local seafood store for their fresh catch.
They returned with lobsters, mussels and clams ~ oh my!

They thought of everything and even had brie and a glass of Merlot waiting for the ladies. We nibbled and chatted while they slaved in the kitchen!
The menu included
~steamed and grilled lobsters~
~clams casino {my husband makes the best!}~
~mussels and cherry stones in a white wine chili reduction~
There was crusty bread to dip in the sauce
and roasted herbed potatoes on the side.

Our two personal chefs outdid themselves!
They even cleaned the kitchen which was no easy feat as they managed to use every utensil, pot and pan in the kitchen.
If you look closely, you'll notice their eclectic serving pieces.
This would normally drive me nuts but I'm trying to "let the small stuff slide". My twitching stopped after only a few minutes :)

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Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like the perfect day! I need someone to come and cook me dinner too!

annechovie said...

Sounds wonderful, Jo! Thanks for your sweet comment and all the best to you in 2010!!

JMW said...

Mmm, I love seafood and I can only imagine how delicious it was, especially where you live (living inland, I'm always longing for good, fresh seafood). What a holiday treat!

bevysblog said...

What a wonderful evening you all had! I love lobster and am so jealous that fresh lobster is such a commodity in New England.

Have a wonderful New Years... we are laying low tonight as well. Crazy how the new year always comes no matter whether or not I am awake for it! LOL

EntertainingMom said...

Jo, you crack me up! I never would have noticed your "eclectic" serving pieces until you mentioned it!

It's so nice to have a family that cooks, isn't it?!

What do you think of a CT blog get together? I think we should!!

elliotts said...

Dinner sounds delicious!! My husband wants to know what time do we need to leave to get there?!

Happy New Year!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

YUM!! It's really funny that we are "foodies"...Neither Hank's mother or mine were the greatest cooks in the world. When we got married NEITHER of us knew how to cook. There were some awful meals until we got the hang of it. I'm so happy that our Legare has taken an interest in learning to cook. He has a way to go but at least he's not eating out every meal.

Melissa said...

How wonderful to have someone that loves to cook for you. I admit that I cannot cook, and my husband does all of the cooking.

carolinagirl said...

this is making me hungry, and I've already had dinner!!! Sounds delicious!!!

Happy New Year!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Wow- that meal sounds amazing!! Cheers to a wonderful New Year!

LuLu & Co. said...

Oh my it all sounded wonderful! So happy you had a wonderful meal,
wishing you a fantastic 2010

Sue said...

Isn't it just such a treat to be waited upon after having done absolutely nothing to prepare the meal? I love it on the rare occasion that it happens- and I'm sure you did too! You were busy over the holiday! As much as I love candy, I draw the line at paying big bucks for it. I received a huge box of Esther Price turtles from Mr. S and they are already half gone. Of course, I DID share... They are a local co. that has the best milk chocolates around. I've had See's, Mary Jane's, and others- but they don't hold a candle to Esther! I'm not trying to play regional favorites, but I love, love the chocolates. yummm....
Hope you have a wonderful upcoming new year, Jo!
~ Sue

3 Peanuts said...

Sounds delicious!!! We almost had mussels on Christmas Eve...my boys LOVE them but I have yet to try to make them

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