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It was a busy jam packed weekend around our home
The tree is up {finally} after a few "incidents" and beautifully decorated. Bozely added his personal touch this year. Those of you with 2 year olds will understand why the bottom of our tree is bear. Who knew I'd be going through this AGAIN with our puppy. If you are considering any type of redecorating this year I'd advise you against hiring an English Bulldog!
I wish I could share with you the amazing pictures of the home tour this year. Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed and I was far to busy to think about taking any photos of our home. We actually had lines this year waiting to get inside the homes to view. Our charity did very well and I'm thrilled that the monies raised will benefit such a worthy cause!
This week is our staff luncheon. I am decorating and want to make sure that it is holiday inviting and most enjoyable. After all, when you put your name on something you must live up to a certain level.
Next on the "LIST" is our Christmas party this Friday evening. Everything is set and ready to go ~ whew. Saturday is my annual cookie exchange ~ this too is all set and ready to go.
I've reviewed the menu for both events and doubled checked to make sure that we don't have any duplications as the guest list is revisited.
My students gifts are wrapped and awaiting their surprise. I love the look on their faces when they enter the classroom and see a package on their desks ~ it's SO true that giving is much more rewarding than receiving.
I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine with my husband before heading off to bed.
Enjoy your evening!

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bevysblog said...

I am in bed after our Tour of Homes... pics tomorrow!

What are you giving your students? I buy books from Scholastic at the beginning of the year. This year is The Chocolate Touch.

Have fun getting ready for your staff luncheon! It will be lovely, and all of your teachers will love the special touches I KNOW you will do!

Queen Bee said...

You must post a picture of your bully dog!

Henley on the Horn said...

It sounds like you've been very busy! I love all that you are doing:).

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

You would need a glass of wine after the busy time you are having.
How lovely to give a gifts to your students, aren't they lucky!

Happy week

CRICKET said...

Good luck with your party tonight. I am sure your bullie will be the star of your party.

Beth Dunn said...

You are so sweet to give them all presents. There is nothing like adding joy to someones life. xoxo


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

We had to keep our tree bare at the bottom when we had a lab....his tail was like a weapon!!

So bummed that you didn't get pictures of the house tour....I bet it was beautiful!!

Enjoy your weekend and the cookie exchange....... I still need to back my cookies, I am running behind on everything this year:(

Happy Holidays!



monogramgirl said...

I love being wrapped up in the craziness of the holidays...traditions are fabulous. You're right, it was more work today, but I got a ton of cleaning worth it...I think!

bevysblog said...

Guess where I was this evening??? Back at Books-a-Million to pick up one more book for my students: I got a new student two days ago! Just in time for Christmas! At least she is a dear.

Love all the treats you are getting your students. I used to get those pencils with their names on them. I need to do that again. Thanks for the reminder!

Also, thank you for those sweet comments on my house. I KNOW yours is beautiful too!

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