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Monday, January 18, 2010 |

Last evening we had our good friends over for dinner. We decided to keep it simple and just enjoy the evening. My husband offered to do all the cooking ~ gotta love a man who can cook!
I have been craving the mussels and cherry stones that he and my brother made over the holidays.
They have a little kick to them but I like spicy foods. If left alone, I could easily make a meal out of these alone.
They are best enjoyed with a loaf of crusty bread and a nicely chilled Chardonnay.

Then we enjoyed a fabulous Grilled Seafood Salad Nicoise
It was fabulous! The scallops were so tender. I like my tuna a littler on the rare side but there a small mishap at the grill.
It's just what the doctor ordered after all the heavy foods from the holidays.

I guess this means I have to make dinner tonight, huh? ;)

Have you ever noticed how much better something tastes when you don't have to cook?

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Shell in your Pocket said...

Totally agree! I think coffee taste better from somewhere else....

sandy toe

EntertainingMom said...

Loook DI-VINE! I love Nicoise... make it all the time... love the idea of a grilled sea food version!

pink green & southern said...

Oh my that looks so good I think I am drooling on my keyboard!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That looks heavenly....

I agree, it always tastes better when someone else does the cooking!

Sounds like you had a fabulous evening.


bevysblog said...

I was completely satisfied with my wonderful lunch this afternoon with my dear mother. But you have ruined it! LOL

My mouth is now watering and it is 10:15 at night!

Lucky you to have a husband that not only likes to cook, but is good at it!

The Hayden Family said...

The pictures of that lovely meal belong in a cookbook! I feel like Pavlov's dog!!!!

LuLu said...

Oh my this post made me sooo hungry and i just ate dinner... but you are so right it does taste better when someone else cooks! What a fabulous treat!!!!

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