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Sunday, January 24, 2010 |
*Thank you for all your very sweet comments, prayers and wonderful emails. Each and everyone has been truly appreciated and cherished. I shared them with my son and he was very touched. I think he was surprised that complete strangers to him would be so concerned with his well being.
He wanted to make sure that I thanked you and to let you know that he is doing better.
I've been asked more than once if it's been hard not being with him ~ Oh my YES!
His father was in D.C. on business so not only was he closer than me but, it was also easier for him to get down there due to his work schedule.
Nicholas is doing better but still in pain. I'm very concerned about this. I realize that viruses need to run their so called courses but, I would have thought that by now he would be feeling remarkably better.
He and his father have spent some time talking about his heath and it's affects on me :) If he isn't feeling any better by tomorrow he is heading back to the doctors. His father will be checking in with both parties and over seeing Nicholas' complete recovery.
I just can't thank you all enough ~ it's meant the world to me!
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Together We Save said...

Hope your sone is better soon.

Suburban Princess said...

OMG I hope he is ok! If I lived near him I would've gone to take care of him! Us moms gotta stick together!

carolinagirl said...

thanks so much for the update. i am glad he is feeling better...like you said, just keep check on him to make sure he is 100% soon.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hope that he turns the corner soon!! I bet you feel so much better knowing his Dad is with him....what a big relief!


LuLu said...

Just read both posts. praying you son is feeling better soon. I'm so sorry to hear this new.

Henley on the Horn said...

I'm glad his father is there with him but I know it is killing you to be so far away!

bevysblog said...

I'm so glad your husband is talking to Nicholas about really getting a handle on this - and how it is affecting his mom too! Sometimes when we are feeling bad, we don't realize that those who love us are feeling bad too!

Hang in there... your husband is a prince and great dad. He's taking care of ALL OF YOU!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh, so glad he's doing better!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

By the way - I have three people from your blog (not including you) in the book swap? Since you're so busy with your son, I'll take care of matching up and I'll email you the list.

Some of them said they were interested but didn't leave an email? What do you think?

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh...scariest thing ever to not be with your baby boy when he is REALLY needing his mom!
Sounds like things are a bit more under control & he is improving. So glad, will keep your family in my prayers. Also Jo, thanks for sharing your story about your blogger friend who offered her bloggy mommy assistance.
You know, many times I find myself explaining to my teens how comfortable I feel with quite a few blogger friends. I can see the questions in their eyes...how can mom feel so close to someone in Connecticut, or Texas, or Austrailia for that matter, when she has never met them in person?
I try to explain but maybe it's just the bloggy mommy in so many of us...I would be there in a second for you too.
xo Lisa

JMW said...

The worrying we mothers go through...I hope he starts to improve soon. It's hard to be away from your kids. You, your son and family are in my prayers.

EntertainingMom said...

I'm glad he's feeling better and I'm glad he's willing to go back to the doctor's tomorrow if there is not any more improvement!

Holly said...

Glad - so very glad - he is on the mend.

The Flying Bee said...


Just catching up on everything. I am glad things are starting to get better for your son and I will be praying for a complete recovery. It must be very hard for you, but how amazing to have a bloggy friend to help in your time of need! What a blessing!


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