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Monday, January 11, 2010 |
Have you ever had a Monday that started off better than you could ever imagine?
You wake up before the alarm, get ready in record time, and even have a little extra time to indulge yourself with before it's time to leave for work?
Ya, me too but today wasn't one of those days!
Instead I spent my morning one step behind and rushing ~ not a good way to start off the week.
It took a turn for the worse when I went out to the garage
clicked the remote to unlock the doors ~ nothing
finally opened the car door and no lights came one ~ this isn't going to be good
put key in ignition, and turned ~ absolutely NOTHING!
Yep, dead, not even a groan of life ~ ugh, double ugh!
Due to the security of my husband's office, they have no phones. It's a series of hoops I have to jump through to get a hold of him.
The stars were aligned and I was able to get hold of him in record time.
He came home and confirmed what I already knew ~ the battery was dead.
Really, who knew!
He jumped it and got it started. I told him maybe he should check the fuses {my mechanical input} but he chalked it up to the fact that he had replaced the headlight the night before and must have left the lights on by mistake.
He insisted that I take his car to work "just in case." Such a gentleman!
The Denali ran like a charm all day!
He even took care of my emissions testing while he was out at lunch ~ thanks a ton, you really are so sweet!
He went out to the garage this evening "just to make sure" all was well and it would start up for me tomorrow morning.
Nothing ~ dead, not even a groan!
Again, I offer my suggestion ~ check the fuses {my response for any and all car trouble}
And this is what he found ...

Apparently, a Yukon XL Denali fuse box is just the right size for a colony {my version} of mice to store their food for the winter!
The thistle seed that my husband keeps for his birds has been stolen and relocated for the long winter ahead.
We have no idea what else these little guys have been up to {or where} so he is going to take the truck in "just to make sure" this week.
If you happen to read about a women in Connecticut driving down 95 and suddenly, without warning, begins to drive erratically, you'll know it's me. I've discovered a passenger {or many} that wasn't invited!
Honey, want to take my truck to work tomorrow "just to make sure" it's OK?
Please, pretty please?

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These Are The Days said...

Oh that's funny. One time we checked under the hood of my care and found dog food in the air filter. Crazy! I don't know if a mouse had taken it in there...never seen a mouse here in AZ but who knows? Kind of freaked me out. Thanks for stopping by, I'm anxious to take a look at your blog. :)

bevysblog said...

Oh that gives me chills - and not in the good way! I am Tweeting your blog to Anne Henley and Jessica. They won't believe this!

Oh... and give your husband a big hug from all your friends for being such an amazing husband to you, sweet girl!

Henley on the Horn said...

Yikes. I have heard of that happening! It must be because it is so COLD there.

EntertainingMom said...

Um. LOL!!! We had a mouse make a home inside the engine of our Mower. He used the hammock to make a nice comfy home! !@%$#! mouse!

Cathy said...

Too funny!!! I didn't know they could do that. Like you...I would be wondering if they are inside my car...YIKES!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That is a scary thought!! Mice totally freak me out! I would probably die of heart attack if one would appear while driving my car! Smart little things..... hiding their food in your engine!!

Hope today is a better day:)



Seersucker Scrapper said...

We had chipmunks living under our hood one year. Nice and toasty in there!

Hope everything works out!

paige said...

if i saw a little critter in my car i might just have a heart attack!!

happy new year , anyway! :)

annechovie said...

Too funny! That is amazing, Jo! Hope your week improves. xo

JMW said...

Oh, no! Well, your hubby was a total sweetie for taking care of that. I hate to think what those critters get into...

pink green & southern said...

We had mice make a nest in one of Pinkie's strollers in or garage. Then, without us knowing this, we took the stroller to Disney. She keep complaining that it smelled & refusing to get near it. We kept telling her to toughen up. Finally we sniffed it & realized that mice had been "releaving" themselves on it all winter long and it reeked of urine! We threw the whole thing away!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that something! You could have told your husband you were back by midnight - no reason for the coachman to turn back into mice.
I am new to blogging but enjoyed reading some of your posts today. I will be returning!


elliotts said...

Oh my Goodness....I would absolutely have a heart attack if a little mouse was in my vehicle while driving!! I think hubby should drive your vehicle for just a little while longer...


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