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Monday, March 14, 2011 |


Prayer request ~

There is a wonderful family in my school that is currently visiting their family in Japan. I wish I could share a photo of this sweet 4 year old ~ he is always bubbling over with happiness and has a smile that just melts your heart! He and his family have been in Japan a couple of weeks and we are not certain where they are staying.  Numerous attempts to contact this family have been made and each one has returned silent. We are all hoping and praying this is simply due to lack of ability to communicate in the current state of chaos. If you have a few minutes, would you please lift them up in prayer for their safety and well-being, as well as all the others, during this time of turmoil and devastation. Thank you, I know the family would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you ~

Thank you SO much for your kind words and prayers. Nicholas is doing much better each day and most importantly, he is owning his success through the process. While I haven't shared all the details, they are too personal, of his bumps on the road of life; I have shared how important it is for him to work through this using his tools that we've taught him for so many years. We, as his parents, have offered him support, guidance and an abundance of love along the way. I am SO proud to say that while the struggle is very difficult, he is rising to the occasion and proving to himself a strength he didn't realize he possessed. We knew he had it all along but he had to go down this road to find it for himself. He is becoming aware of who he is as a young man and ultimately building his self-esteem to a level that can only be achieved by hard work. This my sweet son is called LIFE! As we all know, he will be faced with additional challenges as he ages. Thankfully, he will be able to draw upon this experience and apply his confidence to the next set of hurdles that is in store.

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Dee Stephens said...

I will say a prayer for the family. I will also continue to pray for your son.
Thinking of you. *hugs*

Heidi said...

DEFINITELY we will be praying! Your Nicholas is my Bennett... if I could only share the 'real' personal struggles we go through, too. I remember the days when I fretted over him sleeping through the night... if I only knew then, what I 'feel' now. I used to read him "I'll Love you forever..." It makes my heart hurt to see the phases go by so quickly.

Lisa said...

Dear Jo,
I received your email. It's so hard to keep such a heavy heart held up high. We need His help in order to do so. I will continue to pray for this young student and for his family. Like you said, communication will be difficult for a while longer in Japan so we will have faith and keep hope in our hearts.
My best to your sweet son too. Life is such a learning experience isn't it?
xo Lisa

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I am so sorry- saying prayers! Have you tried Facebook? It seems that is the best method of contact for people over there right now. Keep us updated.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

I will definitely be praying for the family, hope they will be safe and prayers and love go out to all the other Japanese people.
Just so devastating what is happening over there.
Also my thoughts and prayers are with your Son. Having a daughter and son myself, I know how hard life can be for them sometimes.

Hugs to you and hope that you have a lovely week

Kathy said...

Will absolutely whisper a prayer tonight.

I'm happy to hear Nicholas in continuing to "find his feet" again. Life does knock us down from time to time. Lucky boy to have such a great Mom and supportive family.

Hope your bug passed.
Thinking of you....

Lorri said...

This has been worrying me since you posted. I hope you have been able to contact the family by now. Keep us posted.

Lisa said...

Will be praying for the family and for their safety and for their family in Japan! I definitely believe in God's grace!...

carolinagirl said...

praying for your little student and their families!

praying for you.

praying for N!

hang in there!

Telia said...

Def praying for your student and all of those finding it hard to contact loved ones (I can only imagine what that is like)!

Thank you for the update with your son. I've thought about YOU and hime during the past week!

Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

French said...

Jo, you are the best Mom; the most wonderful thing to teach Nicholas is about the bumps in the road of life; it is indded life, you are right. I said a prayer for you at St. Peters, and thought of you in Tuscany; would it be fun to have a girls trip there one day?? xxoo A

bevy said...

So sorry I have been MIA for the past month. Things are really heavy on your heart these days... I will pray for you, your husband and N as he is going through these growing pains.

Travelbugmom said...

OH JO, Just catching up and my heart is heavy for you...and your son. Although it is virtual, I feel i know YOU and your feelings for your son and want you to know that I hope it works out!

JMW said...

Thank, God! Such wonderful news.

Privet and Holly said...

Sending you
big hugs and
prayers, today.
Thanks for your
very sweet comment
on my latest post.
I'm so sorry that
you lost your
mom and that she
didn't get to
see YOU in action
as a mommy. I'm
sure she'd be
very proud!!
xx Suzanne

Lori said...

Beautiful tulips, so glad your friends are safe.

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