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Over the weekend I went to the beautiful garden pictured above. It was a cool, damp, over cast, New England Saturday ~ the new norm around here.
Every where you looked, there was something new that grabbed your attention. This amazing garden is owned by the nurse at my school. She not only has a green thumb, but all her fingers, and her body is green! I can not believe that she and her husband alone have not only created this little piece of heaven but manage it while still adding to the surrounding beauty.
Early Saturday morning I grabbed a hot cup of coffee, and headed for Sue's. This is a yearly event that she has been hosting since the death of her daughter. It's a plant sale that supports the Memorial of her only daughter. To hear Sue speak of the love, the loss and the rebuilding of herself and her marriage without her daughter, brings tears to your eyes. Her spirit is tender and her words are soft but her strength is something that I just cannot put into words. It's almost educational to her discuss the steps {very different} that she and her husband had to take to find themselves in their new lives with out Laura.
Many years ago, her daughter was killed in an air plane crash. She was in the Air Force. Sue doesn't walk or run so a fundraiser of that nature wasn't of interest to her. She quickly realized her talents and love of gardening and put them to good use!
From her amazing garden she hosts a bountiful sale. I came home with many goodies that I quickly added to our growing yard. If you see something you like, but it's too late to transplant, she simply adds your request to her list and will have it ready for you next spring. I've already marked my calendar for next year, I'm not missing out! I can only hope that one day my own garden is as peaceful and tranquil. I may never want to leave!
Each plant is sent to its new home with a special memory attached.

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Carolina Mama said...

Hope your husband is better. I am glad you got to go to the garden. It's beautiful. ANd I always love your pictures of you and your Carolina boy. ;)

pve design said...

It is wonderful when we each find our own way of sharing, her garden is lovely!

preppyinnewengland said...

That is a beautiful story and close to my heart. I can understand the choice of building a beautiful garden having lost a loved one recently. Gardening for my family in honor of our loss has brought peace to so many of us. It's spiritual, peaceful and calming.

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