Black and White Wednesday ~ Sunshine

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 |
This past weekend I bought arm loads of fresh flowers. I couldn't get enough of the beautiful fresh cut and potted spring flowers. 

I like to use different types of vessels for vases. This sweet little pitcher was made by my Aunt Joanne. She is an artist and at some point in her education, this was a project and then a gift to my mother. I love the flowers ~ it's hard to see but the petals are raised from the surface at varing levels for a 3D effect.

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When I was a little girl she would fill it at lunch time with milk or water and allow me to pour it into my glass ~ it was the perfect size for my little hands and I thought it was a big deal!Today I'm using to hold my sweet kisses of sunshine!

Enjoy more black and whites at Lisa's.

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Donna said...

Beautiful! This is my daughter's favorite flower. :)

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Don and Lisa Osborn said...

What a sweet, sweet memory you shared. How lovely that you still have this piece of your childhood.

Beautiful springtime post.


Shawna&Co. said...

What a beautiful vase! It's so cute to hear you used to play with it as a child. Now you are playing with it in an entirely different way.

Great processing of the flowers!

CRICKET said...

I have been wanting to go buy flowers - maybe today is the day. It is simply perfect outside!

Wanda said...

So pretty. I love the history behind it.

Melissa Miller said...

Gorgeous photos and precious tassels Jo! ~Adorable.

Thank you for your kind words and all of your support on my weight loss these past few months. I will never forget how you took the time to mail me the awesome book. You are so sweet.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Frau said...


Elouise82 said...

Aw, so sweet, both the flowers and the pitcher! Handmade items are always so special :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a beautiful pitcher....and even more beautiful is the story behind it. I am sure you will cherish this piece always!



The Sanders Family said...

Really great black and white. I love the creaminess of the image. Beautiful flowers...I love flowers!

bevy said...

Love the daffodils... and what special memories from/of your aunt!

Felicia said...

What a treasure and wonderful memory for you! Sweet image!

Kathleen said...

What a beautiful photograph. I love the story about the pitcher. I have a favorite teapot of my grandmothers that reminds me of this story!

carolinagirl said...

I always love the stories that go along with your photos!

Beautiful pitcher!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

Lovely Springtime post ~ love the little pitcher and the daffodils stand out beautifully in black and white.


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