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Thursday, March 11, 2010 |
Mine you ask? Not so great!

My morning began with a sweet little child telling me that I look like his GRANDMOTHER. 


I look like a grandmother?
Hence the photo of me ~ I'd like to add that I took it upon arriving home this evening after a   l  o  n  g  day.
This was followed by another sweet child announcing that I get to sit on TWO letters during circle time. I guess that makes me an overachiever.
 I'll be adding DIET to my list of to dos!

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Upon entering our home I was greeted with a scent that could come of no good ... and upon initial site, I was correct!

Apparently, the Boz has the tummy bug that has visited our home.

 I'll spare you of any photos but, oh sweet mother of goodness!
It was oooooozing from his kennel. I've never been so grateful for our wood floors.
Thankfully, we keep him in a kennel during the day. I don't even want to imagine what our home would look like if we didn't.

graphic and disgusting details ahead

Once I assessed the situation, I opened all surrounding windows and Lysoled the area, gathered appropriate cleaning supplies and, held my breath.
Unfortunately, I am blessed with an amazing gag reflex that was put to a level of testing the military hasn't even developed.

Plan A
Lay down every old towel we have so the dog can walk to the door ( I thought about housting him out the window since it was closer than the door but he weighs too much and I had my good clothes on.)
Carry the kennel to the backyard and hose down.

hmmm ...

Helpful hints for Plan A
Check to make sure husband hasn't left the hose on "Power Wash" level.
Ummm ... when there is a high level of pressure, the water tends to come flying back at you along with what you happen to be spraying.
Check dogs bum before he rubs up against you because he's so grateful for all you've done.

Results of Plan A
Take shower and wash hair and face REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WELL!
Wash pants since they now have remains of the mess all over.

And lastly ... remind husband of what he has missed while he's been away on travel :)

I think it goes without saying that after my shower, I had a very large glass of wine.

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LuLu said...

OH NO!!!! You do not look like a grandmother... that sweet child just needs glasses. I'm so sorry about Boz, I admit i was laughing reading it though....usually i'm the one in your place too while hubby is safely on travel!!
Just think tomorrow is Friday!!!

Henley on the Horn said...

You poor thing!! That sweet child must have an awfully YOUNG grandmother! You don't look a bit like a grandmother. Children just think anyone over 12 is old :). You look fabulous! So sorry about your dog. I couldn't read the details! :)

Pink Martini said...

Funny, funny, funny about the kids comments. Love your jacket. That must make you feel good. :) xoxo

Lorie said...

Oh no!!!

I hope you didn't have that cute jacket on when all of this was going down!!

And I hope tomorrow is better!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Hi Jo, This is my first visit, and I am glad I picked this day! First I want to tell you how sorry I am for all the frustration you encountered today- Now if that was sincere enough... This is such a funny post. Sometimes the yuckiest experiences can be hysterical! And a large glass of wine (for medicinal purposes, of course) is the perfect antidote for your day.
So happy to meet you. Hope tomorrow is better, less funny, but better.

theUngourmet said...

EWWWWW! Icky Icky! Sorry about your day! Wine always helps! ;)

theUngourmet said...

Oh and BTW, you so do NOT look like a Grandmother! :D

EntertainingMom said...

oh no! You poor, poor thing!

Felicia said...

I'm so sorry. Happy Friday..hope your day is a lot better today :)

Travelbug Mom said...

You look FABULOUS! I think he meant GOD mother, like in FAIRY since you are so beautiful!

Now as for the BOZ....we are so close to getting a dog, but I think this story may have delayed that decision!!


Pat said...

I am a grandmother, so speaking from an expert's point of view, you do not look like a grandmother at all!! My elementary students would ask me if I was pregnant. I'd rather look like a grandmother! lol

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Oh no! What a tough day! I hope you were able to relax with a nice glass of wine after all was said and done.

Today will be better!

Marcy said...

Oh, you are beautiful and sweet! (and there's nothing wrong with being a grandmother, but you aren't there yet!) But what a mess you had to deal with at home, and then it got messier! Thanks for the laugh... and enjoy the weekend!

JMW said...

I see now grandmothers in that photo - you look fabulous! Sorry you pup had tummy problems. Same thing happened with our dog a couple of years ago, although while in the process of mopping and bleaching the basement floor, I slipped and FELL IN IT. Gross doesn't even begin to describe it!
Hope your day improved!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Bless you for keeping it together during the clean up! Yikes! And you are gorgeous, nothing like a grandmother, too young! (Although grandmothers are beautiful too!)

bevy said...

As I emailed you, I think you look fabulous!

annechovie said...

Bless your heart! What a day...btw, you certainly dont look like anyone's grandmother! You look great. I hope your weekend is much better..xo

Kathleen said...

OMG! Yuck. You poor thing.

Btw you can find pomegranate molasses at any market that carries Middle Eastern foods. I used to be able to get it at Trader Joes but the one near me hasn't been carrying it for a while. ;)

Karena said...

You look adorable!! Good grief!! All this and then such an awful day!

Art by Karena

Give away soon!!

Tina said...

Hi Jo :) I just wanted to say hi and thanks for your lovely comment on my chair makeover. I love your blog and oh had such a chuckle over this post - believe me I really needed the laugh, so thanks:) As for you looking like a Grandmother - pfff!!! You look gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my goodness....WHAT A MESS!! We have had a few of those here with our dog and that it is no fun....especially when you have to walk into that after a long day.

Hope Boz is feeling better and you are too after you got all cleaned up and enjoyed some wine:)

BTW, you look NOTHING like a look young and beautiful!



Kathy said...

Oh my. That IS a day worthy of a glass of wine. Your story really did reach a point of comedy after a while. :)

I add my vote to the do NOT look like a grandmother. You do however look great in that jacket! It's a cute one!

Holly said...

Oh no...oh no..oh no. Just the thought. Poor doggy! Poor you! I hope the wine was good.

Queen Bee said...

I feel your pain! Been there! One time one of my girls (bullydogs) had an accident that went everywhere - including her sister's eye. How to explain to the vet that I knew what caused the eye infection...
We use these great Nylabone sturdy plastic crates that were made for airplane travel. They are the good for being hosed out.
Hope Boz is feeling better!

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