Parades to Patios

Monday, March 22, 2010 |
Spring arrived in style this year.
We had two days of glorious weather. Our yard received some much needed attention and I've begun our deep spring cleaning ~ it feels so good!

Sunday was the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Mystic. This is an event not to be missed. We always bump into people we haven't seen in forever as well as neighbors, friends and a few of my students. It's a real hometown type of event enjoyed by all.

It was a perfect day for a parade!

After the festivities in town, we headed home to prepare for our guests. We've been trying for weeks to get together with some friends but our schedules just didn't work out.

Due to the warm temperatures, we were able to spend some time on our patio.

My husband built a fire and we brought out a basket of throws as the sun began to set.

It was laid back and relaxing ~ this is my favorite way to entertain.

As our friends began to arrive we nibbled on a variety of cheeses and sipped Chardonnay from Jonathan Edwards.

{Thanks Jessica}

While the men finished up dinner preperations, the ladies chatted and enjoyed being together!

Carrie and I enjoying the last of the fresh spring sunshine.

I must admit that I'm moving full steam ahead to summer. After this weekend I am ready to bring out the spring/summer wardrobe. This also means that I need to step up the workout plan and staple my lips shut so that I can go to the beach in a few short months.
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Even Bozley had a friend over to play.
He and Grover are besties!

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Trish said...

OH HOW FUN! You are amazing in your Murfee scarf and you partied in style! Hooray for warm Spring weather! :) XO CHEERS!

cottage and vine said...

Oh how fun!! Something that I am looking forward to is having dinner outside...such a treat

Casey said...

I love home town parades. Nothing like it in the world. Looks like you all had a nice weekend!! Happy Spring!

Wanda said... that sounds like a wonderful time. Yes, spring has sprung!!

Lisa said...

Hi Jo,
Don't you look happy in your pretty pink scarf! I know you are dying to pull out the shifts & sandals!
We had a beautiful weekend here too. Funny how everyone comes out and re-introduces themselves to each other after the long winter.
Good to visit with you.
xo Lisa

theUngourmet said...

What a lovely time! I think I'm packing up and moving to your town! :)

Kathleen said...

The parade looks like a blast. Isn't the spring sunshine the best. I love that you celebrated with friends a good wine!

JMW said...

Great parade! And wasn't it wonderful to spend time outside last weekend? I'm sooo looking forward to the warmer weather. I'm with you on the exercise and diet plan - need to spend more time on the threadmill. Not looking forward to the bathing suit. :)

Kacey said...

Sounds like such a lovely evening with friends. (I love the spring colors you are wearing.) And here we woke up to snow this morning! Hope spring heads our way soon.

LuLu said...

This is my favorite way to spend a weekend!! What fun, cheese, wine, friends.... the BEST!!!
I look forward to many fabulous evenings spent outside...need to work on the hubby in the kitchen part!!!

bevy said...

You two look sooooo cute! I am so ready for the warm weather to return. What a tease it was for a few days last week.

Oh, and I finally did email you on Saturday. Did it find its way back into your Junk/Spam folder like last time? LOL

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jo,

What a lovely weekend you had, with friends and going to the Parade.
Spring is such a great time to do cleaning around the home and oh yes... to put away all the winter clothes.

Happy week

Jane H. said...

Wow it sounds like it was a great day. Is that a Lilly Pulitzer murfee scarf I see? You look absolutely gorgeous in it!

I started a blog that I think you might like too. It combines fashion and giving back to charities. Each week, I will give away 1 Lilly Pulitzer dress (this week it’s the Pink Adelson Shift from Spring 2010) to one lucky follower, who raises awareness of the blog's selected charity through various ways such as tweeting about it or commenting with an interesting fact. I am currently also giving away some great Lilly stationary items too. Please check out my blog at because doing good is chic!

Holly said...

I just love hometown parades. Both my current city and the one I moved form had a couple of these parades (not for St. Patrick's day though) a year and I loved it. It has been beautiful here too...your cheese and wine look divine.

The Hayden Family said...

What a fantastically fun day! And you look sublime in your pink and green!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and decided to visit. It looks like you were having a wonderful day.

The Shiny Pebble said...

Totally fun! I love that the men cooked and the ladies visited. What a revolutionary idea!! :)

I adore the rhyme in the name of your blog. So cute.

Also, somebody needs to write a book set in Mystic... It sounds like a perfect spot for a mystery novel. Just saying... teachers make great writers. :)

annechovie said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend evening, Jo! Great photo of you. xo

Rosie Campbell said...

Looks like the perfect weekend!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful day!

I too am transitioning closets to spring/summer and doing some Spring Cleaning!! It feels so good to freshen things, doesn't it?

I wanted to let you know that I left a response to your question in the comments part of my blog--in case anyone else was wondering the same thing I answered it there.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Miss Janice said...

Sounds like a fun day and you look beautiful in your pink and green!

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