Christmas quality time

Friday, December 24, 2010 |
My husband has been away for the month of December. As a result, we haven't spent any quality holiday cheer together. He arrived home this week and I wanted to share a little holiday festiveness with him.

What says romantic Christmas more than a carriage ride on a crisp
December evening with a light snow falling? The newly renovated
Ocean House was hosting a carriage ride complete with a glass of champagne and hot chocolate. We snuggled in the carriage seat together for warmth against the biting ocean breeze. Our conversation was lulled by the pull of Silver our beautiful carriage horse as we talked and shared quiet moments while enjoying the beautiful scenery all aglow for Christmas.

It was a prefect night.

Carriage ride

Afterwards, we went to one of our favorite restaurants close to home. The Daniel Packer Inn is a very quaint New England restaurant on the two main floors and a cozy pub in the basement. We know the owners and always enjoy when Allie stops by our table to catch up with us. There was a fire blazing in the big stone fireplace and everyone was filled with Christmas cheer. A table of ladies behind us were exchanging Christmas gifts. I must say they had great taste and I added a few things to my list as the gifts were unwrapped. I even had my husband turn around a few times so that he could see :)

One of my personal treats for the season is all the baking. It is really relaxing to me for some reason. Odd, I know :) I made several different varieties of cookies aside from my cookies that I made for my cookie exchange.

Our evening ended with the delivery of the cookie boxes. I've been told by friends that they look forward to their "special delivery" every year just before the big day.


Those simple words warm my heart all year long!

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Town and Country Mom said...

Sounds like a lovely night; and your baking looks beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Rene said...

What a magical time. Merry Christmas to you and your family Jo!


bevy said...

I am so happy you and your husband had that speciall evening together. That must have been hard having him gone this past month... What a merry time you had on your date!

I hope you and your sweet family have a wonderfull time together this Christmas!

Lisa said...

Continue to hold each other tight! Wishing you all and your sweet son all the best this Christmas and throughout the new year.
Gracie sends her love & kisses to the pups too!
Have a wonderful holiday my dear friend.
xo Lisa

Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I know what a happy time it is when your husband comes home after being away for several weeks. Your evening really did sound just perfect. Enjoy the holidays together. Merry Christmas!

Southern H and H said...

What a special evening! I hope you two have a wonderful Christmas Day.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What wonderful fun. Have a delightful Christmas Day tomorrow with your friends. I feel guilty for being such a bah humbug about the extended family. Too bad we can't choose them like we can choose our friends.

carolinagirl said...

So sorry! I hope everyone is feeling much better tomorrow!!!
Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...

This all sounds so wonderful. I'm glad you had such a nice night out after being apart for so long. Merry Christmas!!

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