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Saturday, December 18, 2010 |
Each holiday season I look forward to this day. It's just for us ladies and I try to go all out for our gathering. We get one afternoon in the crazy busy month of December to eat, drink and be merry. The husbands and children don't mind a bit as the women walk out their front doors. They all know there will be a tray of goodness arriving a few hours later.

We were a little smaller in number this year due to illnesses and holiday obligations. When finding a date, I always try to pick a Sunday afternoon in the middle of the month and it's always at 3pm. This works well for my friends with small children, dinner hours and other commitments of the season.


The amazing cookies on display. I've been hosting my Cookie Exchange for many years. Never once, have we had duplicate cookies. Each year we try a new recipe for our event. It's actually a lot of fun trying to top what you've done the year before.


This year I offered two festive beverages. The first was a pomegranate sparkler and an eggnog martini. I borrowed this idea from a sweet blogger. Thanks, it was a huge hit. I tweaked it just a tad to fit my taste.


My neighbor took this photo. She has recently started a photography business. She has a much more artistic flair to her photos than do I.


A small corner of the appetizers table. My friends have learned to skip lunch on this day and to come hungry.


It's time to get down to business!

We each bake 6 dozen cookies. The number of attendees dictates the number of cookies we each take. Yes, we also take some of the cookies we brought as well. This is just how we do it but there are various "rules" to the exchange.




Our delicious selection of homemade goodness. It takes all my restraint not to lick my fingers!


These are the cookies I made this year. Chunky Chocolate Gobs from Southern Living. The name isn't all that appealing but they are delicious!


The trays are filling up and mouths are watering.



Ellen shared with me that her boys sit by the window awaiting her arrival home. Well, maybe not her so much as the cookies :) Each year her boys ask, as the season approaches, when she is going to the cookie day.


Mine are safely tucked away in the deep freezer. Let's be honest. If they were out in plain site I'd be 10 pounds heavier! Since we're being honest here, I might as well share with you that I have been known to sneak down and eat a frozen cookie from time to time ;)

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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I think cookie exchanges are a fun idea and look how great all those cookies look! Enjoy your nibbling.

A New England Girl said...

What a wonderful event to have with such close friends! I love all of the photos and the eggnog martini? looks delish! I'm going to have to look up a recipe and give it a try.... So glad you enjoyed your day! xoxo.

Town and Country Mom said...

Impressive and beautiful cookie exchange! I hope you might share some recipes--all those cookies look wonderful!

EntertainingMom said...

I love cookie exchanges. We didn't do one this year... perhaps for Valentine's Day?!

Tessa said...

If I told you I make really divine triple chocolate biscotti, would you invite me next year?!?! :) Awesome pictures - what a wonderful holiday tradition!!

Kathy said...

I'm a bit of a cookie snob, but I'd come to your cookie exchange any day! Those looked delicious! Most of all, how fun to have an afternoon with friends. I'm curious though ~what variety did you bake?

bevy said...

Never been to a cookie exchange... Love reading and viewing yours. This is my second time as your Cookie Party voyeur! LOL

Dee Stephens said...

You know I love a cookie exchange!!! Love the thumbprint cookies. I made those one year and they're always a hit!

Suburban Princess said...

I have never been to a cookie exchange...I know people who do them but I have always skipped them - I have never really been sure what to do with all the cookies. Everyone tells me they are great for when people drop by but I have asked around and not one single person ever has anyone just 'drop by' lol!

Your cookies all look delicious tho!!

LuLu said...

I need a cookie exchange.... it'd get me to finally bake!!! thank goodness i have a few more days left to get my cookies made before Santa arrives!!! Next year I'm asking both sets of grandparents for cookies instead of a present!!!! what i wouldn't give for cookies to arrive on my doorstep from them :)

JMW said...

That looks so good!! I should really do a cookie exchange one of these holiday seasons. Looks like such fun!

Lauren said...

What an absolute YUMMY....I mean...wonderful tradition for all of you! I'm not even sure that those cookies would even make it to my freezer! Mmmmm!

Sue said...

Jo, Cookie exchanges are a ball- love getting to taste cookies that I would never have dreamed of baking. I'm having one next month- Dec. was just too hectic to schedule one. I figure that after the holidays, it will be fun to get out and have some fun without all the hectic hustle and bustle. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!! ~ Sue

midnight macaroons said...

What a fantastic idea! It looks like so much fun. And who can turn down a good cookie. I just received a fabulous brownie cookie recipe from a friend. They are yummy. I'll e-mail it over if you are interested.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas Season and a very Happy New Year!!!


Kathy said...

A Cinderella Night!
Merry Christmas you and your honey...May this season be wonderous for you and yours,
Love Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Justine said...

I love home made treats in these packages! They're so fun!

Merry Christmas!

Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

Susan said...

Oh man! Can you move next to me please? There are several houses for sale around ours.

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