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Tuesday, December 28, 2010 |

This is one of the many traditions my family has for Christmas. It's been passed down many generations. I have some on my tree that my great grandmother gave to me. Each year in our stockings,  Santa leaves a special ornament. I look forward to unwrapping this special gift every Christmas morning. This is only a small sampling of our collection.

One day when my son has a home of his own, with bittersweet emotions, I will pack up his hand selected ornament collection to decorate his Christmas tree.

Each ornament has a story, a memory or some significance.

Humpty Dumpty ~ When Nicholas was just a little guy I made him a humpty dumpty costume for Halloween. He was adorable if I do say so :)

Ice Skates ~When I was younger I took skaking lessons for many years. I even got to skate with the MSU hockey team ~ what a thrill!

Santa at the grill ~ Our yearly Oktoberfest with my husband manning the sausage on the grill.

Suitcase ~ My husbands never ending {or it seems} travel.

Bull dogs ~ Our bullies Max, Bozley and little Bentley.

Reindeer ~ My mother made him when I was a little girl and loved Rudolph.

Mitten ~ I have many as reminders that I'm from Michigan. They are very thoughtful gifts from friends and family.

Naval officer ~ My husband's college and career memories

Cupcake person~ Sweet gifts for those I'm always making and sharing cupcakes with throughout the year.

Santa mug ~ My parents gave my brother and I Santa mugs when we were very young. We drank hot cocoa from them and when they weren't in use, they displayed our candy canes.

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Kacey said...

Oh, I love this idea...what a treasure to have those ornaments to pass down!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! We had lots of sickness at our house too right before. Now I know why I felt so inspired to get Christmas stuff done early this year...thank goodness!

bevy said...

Love the Humpty Dumpty! My boys have their own ornaments too. They each have a special box to put them in. They like them now... but I know they'll LOVE them when they get older!

Lorri said...

What a great idea!

Tessa said...

So sweet!! My favorite is the Rudolph your Mom made for you! I've collected ornaments since childhood too. I still look forward to the new one(s) my Mum gives me each year. This year it was a golden retriever just like my Emma (my parent's dog that we pretend is ours). I love the ones that Andrew makes at school each year too. And yes, of course, you can link to my blog. I'd be so honored!! :) THANKS!

carolinagirl said...

When I started the boys' ornament collection, I had the same thought..."how awesome will it be to send them off with such a unique and personal collection"...now it almost breaks my heart thinking that these things will not always be in my home.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Sandra said...

Very cute tradition!

Holly said...

The ornaments on our tree tell a story...it is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at so many bloggers ornaments...and yours are fabulous! I hope you had a marvelous holiday and Happy new Year!

Suburban Princess said...

So sweet! My husband buys me an ornament every year...I think it's the LeBien collection...I love them!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Such a sweet tradition and one I'd love to do with my future children.

Rene said...

Forget theme trees. Meaningful ornaments are the best. What a sweet tradition.


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