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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 |
While working in the yard yesterday, I became lost in my ever wandering thougths. I was relfecting on what I had accomplished that morning and what still needed to be done before the day was over.
With the background noise of the neighborhood children's voices as they played, birds chirping and the squirrels quarreling, I was very content in the moment while I went through window boxes and cut back our flower garden.
It was then, that I had an odd sense, as though it was something I had experienced before. I felt it early that morning while I was baking. Then it became clear, I recognized the scent and sensation from that morning ... I was baking something my mother had made many times over the years. I guess this is the first time I had ever tried her recipe (I have kept all her recipes and go through time from time to time for new ideas as well as the memories.)
I realized that there are so many things I wish I could share with her ~ thoughts, ideas, frustrations, secrets, joys, sorrows and most of all, laughter.
This lead to my new quiet time of reflection. While I might not have the opportunity to share with her in person, I've decided to create a journal to hold such conversations.
Perhaps one day I'll share it with my children or, just keep it between my mother and I.

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thank you for sharing such a sweet post. The sense of smell is supposed to be the strongest tied to memory...it sounds like you can vouch for that. :)

Sandy Toes said...

What a nice post!!! I still know the scent of my Grandmas house and my mind feels up with so many memories!
-Sandy Toes

Far From Perfect said...

Sometimes- I realize things I say to my girls, are the same things my Mom said to me. Did I say that right??

Ruby Red Slippers said...

That was very sweet-I adore my mom, and she recently was dianosed with some health issues-I think the bonds with a mom and daughter are so special...Very touching post...

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